New Hyundai N74 Prototype Captured with Forged Wheels

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hyundai n74 vision

Recently we shared that Hyundai Motor filed a trademarked “N74” nameplate at the EUIPO and also published a leaked documentation that gave us more details and expectations of what to expect about a Hyundai’s halo car. Now a new prototype of the N74 was spotted courtesy of our colleagues at Motorsjason at Hyundai N Festival in South Korea, wearing a more road ready forged wheels.

According to this information, Hyundai Motor Group is getting ready to launch both, a production version of the high-performance N Vision 74, with a limited batch of 200 units and the Genesis X, that including the coupe and the convertible, will reach together 500 units limit.

N Vision 74 was announced by Hyundai as one of their ‘rolling labs’. Company’s rolling lab are where it tests and verifies the company’s advanced technologies to apply them to future production models.

N Vision 74 combines EV technology with an advanced hydrogen fuel cell system, making it Hyundai N’s first hydrogen hybrid rolling lab to explore ‘driving fun’ in the electrification era.

It is still unknown whether this vehicle will use this combination or will be launched as an EV-only vehicle, due to nowadays complications to recharge hydrogen. The Genesis X coupe and convertible models will be all-electric only.

“N Vision 74 play an important role in the strategic development of our entire product lineup, especially our electrified, high-performance vehicles. Rolling labs represent the continuous development of our most advanced technologies. This unique approach makes us ready for the challenges of the future by empowering us to push ourselves to the limit.” said Thomas Schemera – Executive Vice President and Head of Customer Experience Division at Hyundai Motor Company.

According to the leaked documents, Hyundai N74 will be produced at Ulsan factory from June 2026 while the Genesis X model (temporary name) will reach production by October 2026.

“Since launching its very first high-performance production road car in 2017, Hyundai i30 N, N has pushed the limits of performance to help customers discover how fun driving can be. The brand claim is ‘Never just drive’ because getting from A to B should never be boring. Even in the electric future, N brand pursues its three pillars: corner rascal (tight, perfectly balanced cornering machine), racetrack capability (all N models are built to perform directly on the track) and everyday sportscar (for everyone and every need, not just track days and highways). In just seven years, Hyundai N has become the fastest evolving performance brand. N is moving forward to set new standards in sustainable high performance. We enthusiastically start this new chapter of electrified high-performance and will pursue this goal by using our creativity, engineering expertise and competitive spirit.” Till Wartenberg – Vice President of N Brand Management & Motorsport Sub-Division at Hyundai Motor Company

As an initial big step, Hyundai Motor already successfully launched its first electric N, the IONIQ 5 N, 650-hp high performance all-electric machine that is receiving overwhelming results. What do you expect about this future modes? Will reach production after all?

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