KIA K5 Facelift Revealed Today

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Kia will start its pre-contract for ‘The new K5’ on the 25th in South Korea. The K5 is Kia’s flagship mid-size sedan that has been highly recognized for its design and innovation since the first generation.

K5, which started pre-contracting from this day, is a model to improve the commerciality of the third-generation K5 launched in 2019, and has a higher commerciality by applying futuristic and dynamic design and various advanced specifications.

The K5’s design reflects Kia’s ‘Opposites United’ with a more dynamic exterior and a sleek interior design.

In addition, K5 is equipped with wireless (OTA) software updates and music/video streaming services to provide customers with advanced software experiences based on SDV (SDV) based on Software Defined Vehicle.

In addition, we have applied all the convenience specifications that have a high customer preference, such as ▲Kia Digital Key 2 ▲Buillt-in Cam 2 ▲electric safety power trunk.

It will be offered with a choice of gasoline engines starting with a 2.0 gasoline, 1.6 gasoline turbo, 2.0 LPi and a 2.0 hybrid powertrain.

■ Dynamic and impressive exterior and stylish and open interior design

The appearance of the K5 has evolved even more intensely, reflecting Opposites United. The front reinterprets the Daytime driving light (DRL) reminiscent of Heart Beat as ‘Star Map Signature Lighting’, creating a strong and futuristic impression, and adding a solid feel with a wing-shaped bumper design.

The side has a new multi-spoke wheel and the rear side with a star map lighting-shaped rear combination lamp highlights the width and three-dimensional feel.

The interior of the K5 is structured into a stylish and open space through horizontally oriented design elements with advanced technologies such as a panoramic curved display and infotainment/air conditioning switching operation system.

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The panoramic curved display, each with a smooth connection of a 12.3-inch cluster and infotainment system, creates a driver-centered futuristic atmosphere and delivers a variety of information uniformly with the application of the next-generation infotainment system ‘ccNC’.

K5 also applied an infotainment/air conditioning switching operation system that optimized the button configuration to configure the crash pads concisely and applied a smartphone wireless charging system to the front tray below to increase ease of use.

Kia operates seven exterior colors, including two new colors, ‘Wolf Grey’ and ‘Moonscape Matte Grey’, and three built-in colors, including new colors ‘Sand’, ‘Marsion Brown’ and Black.

Kia also released the ‘Black Fit’ option, which adds personality with design elements in differentiated colors. The black fit creates a strong feel with exclusive black-themed designs such as ▲black suede headlining interior ▲rear dark skid plate/muffler ▲dedicated 18/19-inch wheels ▲black outside mirror.

■ Enhanced driving sensibility and advanced connectivity specifications based on SDV

Kia brings an enhanced driving sensibility to the K5, providing customers with a comfortable and comfortable driving experience.

K5’s front and rear suspension properties and materials are optimized to provide improved ride comfort by more effectively absorbing road osmact and shock while maintaining agile driving performance.

In addition, the material where the body and the windshield meet were reinforced, and the impact-absorbing parts of the rear wheel member and the material of the front wheel member were optimized to reduce the load noise delivered from the ground to the vehicle, and the double-cohesive sounding sound glass was expanded from the existing front glass and front to the rear seat to the rear seat to increase quietness.

K5 delivers SDV-based advanced software experiences to customers through a variety of connectivity capabilities.

K5 has been standardized with wireless software updates to keep the K5 up-to-date with features associated with the vehicle’s primary electronic controls, and a ‘Streaming Plus’ that allows you to enjoy video and high-quality sound content through an infotainment system.

Kia also provides customers with a more three-dimensional content experience with 5.1 channel sound based on the K5’s K5’s KELL premium sound system (12 speakers).

In addition, Kia applied cutting-edge specifications such as ▲Kia Digital Key 2 ▲ Built-in Cam 2 ▲e Hi-pass ▲Fistal authentication system that stores front/rear QHD-class high-definition video and voice that stores voice, allowing you to open the door and start when you get close to the vehicle with a smartphone or watch without a smart key.

In addition, it has high-preffinity specifications such as ▲electric safety power trunk ▲vity warning steering wheel ▲aircon after blow ▲rear seat 6:4 folding seat ▲side parking distance warning ▲ rear parking collision prevention assistance, etc., and has the convenience suitable for medium-sized car class.

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