Genesis Developing RWD Hybrid Powertrain

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genesis reduces sedan production

A new report from Asiae informs that Genesis is currently developing a new rear-wheel-based hybrid system. Due to electric vehicle market recent slowdown, Genesis plans to expand electrification and for the first time will not bet everything on the same card, providing a variety of options to respond to the market demand.

Based article published in the newspaper as of today, Hyundai Motor Group R&D Center recently embarked on a rear-wheel-based hybrid development project and is recruiting development personnel in-house. Currently, the Genesis brand is the only one inside the group that does not have a full hybrid model. Both, Hyundai and KIA hybrid systems are based on a front-wheel drive system.

Remember, not that long ago, Genesis announced plans to have an all-electric only vehicle line-up from 2025, but as demand for electric vehicles has recently dropped around the world while sales of Hybrids as an alternative to electric vehicles have sky rocketed, people inside Genesis started to question about it. We recently shared Hyundai were developing a new 2.5 Turbo Hybrid powertrain, initially for next-gen Palisade and Carnival.

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However, it is unknown whether Genesis will start development from now on and mass-produce hybrid vehicles. In the industry, the new car cycle is usually considered to be 5 years. It may take longer if you need to develop a new engine, not a partial change level. “Of course, research on various powertrains is needed from the perspective of the finished car company,” a Hyundai Motor official said. “There is nothing officially under development for the purpose of mass production.”

Genesis’ development of a rear-wheel-based hybrid system this time translates into a kind of insurance dimension. This is because the global transition to electric vehicles is slower than expected, and the strength of hybrids in the eco-friendly car market could continue for some time.

While the development project already started, the possibility of production is still undecided.

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