Hyundai CASPER Facelift Up Close

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hyundai casper

Today we want to share with you first sightings of Hyundai’s Casper Facelift model. Courtesy of our colleagues at Healer TV the small SUV was captured heavily camouflaged but with significant changes compared to the current model.

The Hyundai CASPER, known for its compact size and city-friendly design, might undergo a facelift to enhance its appeal and keep up with evolving consumer preferences and market trends. This facelift could potentially involve changes to its exterior design elements such as headlights, grille, bumpers, and possibly interior enhancements like updated technology features, improved materials, and more advanced safety systems.

Hyundai tends to incorporate its signature design language across its vehicle lineup, and a facelift for the CASPER might bring it more in line with Hyundai’s latest design cues seen in other models in terms of aesthetics and technology integration.I

It is important to remember that Hyundai is already working on a Casper Electric version, so we might think could be related to the expected differentiation between the electric and the ICE models, but according to the source, this was a internal combustion prototype.

Back to the spotted Casper, the small SUV is still fully covered of camouflage, using canvas camouflager all together so it’s not visible in detail, but you can see the newly designer grille pattern or the rounded headlamps together with LED projection lights. There are some glimpse’s as the new alloy wheels and looking at the rear design, it is expected to remain the same.

The size of the Casper is 3595 mm length, 1595 mm width, and 1575 mm height, which complies with the domestic standards for compact cars. The powertrain of the ICE versions is equipped with a gasoline 3-cylinder SmartStream G 1.0 engine and the same but with Turbo, reaching 67 and 100 hp respectively. It is still unknown which powertrain will be used for the Casper Electric, but probably it will borrow from KIA Ray’s keicar that was updated recently.

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