Mobis Showcases MobiON at CES 2024

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Hyundai Mobis unveiled up to 20 new mobility technologies that can be applied immediately to mass production at CES in 2024, including MobiON Concept crab-walking vehicle. Future mobility core technologies such as the ‘Innovative Display’ series, which is rich in high value-added advanced technology, and the ‘High-power ICCU (Integrated Charging Control Module)’, are expected to attract the attention of buyers in the customer-only space.

Hyundai Mobis announced on the 20th that it will participate in CES, the world’s largest technology exhibition, to be held at the Las Vegas Convention Center in the United States from January 8 to 11 next year. CES is attracting more attention as a new technology center for global mobility companies in line with the recent trend of convergence and innovation between industries.
At this CES, Hyundai Mobis focuses more on selling to global customers. The latest version of the most talked about entry technology such as Future Cockpit Integrated Solution (MVICS 5.0) and Hologram AR-HUD, as well as various products in the fields of electronic, electrification, lamps, and AAM are waiting for global customers to choose. All of this technologies will be showcased in company’s MobiON concept car.

■ Expected to lead the market with a 22kW class ICCU (Integrated Charge Control Module)
Innovative technologies in the field of electrification, which are the driving force of future growth, also await the selection of global finished cars based on rich mass-produced experience. At the heart of the electrified drive, the 22kW Integrated Charge Control Module (ICCU) confidently presented by Hyundai Mobis along with the Battery System (BSA) is at the center of it.
ICCU is a power conversion system that integrates DC AC charging and communication equipment as the core of charging and driving electric vehicles. The higher the power, the better the charging speed and efficiency, and the electric vehicle of the same specification is equipped with a 22kW class ICCU, which reduces the charging time by half compared to the 11kW class.
It is also closely linked to V2G (Vehicle to Grid) technology, which uses electric vehicle batteries as a kind of large power source, and its utilization is endless. Hyundai Mobis is going beyond the currently commonly used 11kW class to lead the related market with the product that has raised the 22kW class ICCU technology to the level of mass production.


Hyundai Mobis plans to maximize the creation of new orders with aggressive sales activities that appeal to these core component technologies and commercialities. Hyundai Mobis is accelerating diversification of its customers and expanding its order performance by recording $8.77 billion in global core parts orders by the third quarter of this year, significantly exceeding its original annual target ($5.36 billion).
Meanwhile, Hyundai Mobis will unveil the ‘Future Mobility Proof Car’, the so called MobiON that applies next-generation mobility technology for the first time at this CES. In the meantime, if the exhibition with the eyes of technology products and concept cars has been the main, you can enjoy the demonstration by directly riding the MobiON with an e-corner system that has attracted public attention. It is expected to attract attention with a differentiated event that makes you feel that the future mobility era is not far away.

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