Noble Klasse Launches Most Luxurious KIA Carnival Ever

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The Noble Klasse L9 is a premium limousine that offers top-class luxury and comfort. It is based on the KIA Carnival facelift high limousine and it is now available in South Korea.

Design Evolution: The Luxurious Facelift of the Noble Klasse L9

The 2024 Kia Carnival based limousine model showcases a more luxurious and grand feel, especially with the Noble Klasse’s signature grill design. The vehicle features new two-tone color options like Purple Spinel, Nordmarka Green, and Titan Gray, providing customers with a wider range of choices.

The interior of the Noble Klasse L9 has undergone significant changes in seat design and color, contributing to its luxurious and dignified feel. One of the key strengths of this limousine is its spacious second-row area, which ensures a comfortable ride for passengers. The seats have been redesigned with an emphasis on bolsters, enhancing riding comfort.

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Innovative Design Philosophy: Kia’s Influence on the Noble Klasse L9

The design of the Noble Klasse L9 draws inspiration from Kia’s design philosophy, ‘Opposites United’, combining refined sophistication with SUV-like strength. The front end of the vehicle has a future-oriented image with vertical headlamps and signature star map lights as daytime running lights (DRL). The lower part of the bumper, the sharply trimmed lower skid plate, and the Star Map Rear Combination Lamp contribute to a sophisticated and powerful design.

Moreover, the Noble Klasse L9 is available in various powertrain lines, including gasoline, diesel, and hybrid options. This variety caters to different customer preferences and needs, ensuring a broad appeal.

In summary, the Noble Klasse L9 is not just a limousine; it’s a statement of luxury and comfort, designed for those who appreciate the finer things in life​

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