Genesis Unveils GV70 Snow Concept at St. Moritz

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genesis gv70 snow

Genesis Motor Europe has made an impressive mark with the unveiling of the adventure-ready GV70 Snow during the prestigious White Turf event in St. Moritz, Switzerland. This showcase not only highlights the brand’s innovative edge but also its commitment to luxury and performance.

Genesis and Delta 4×4 Partnership: Crafting the GV70 Snow

Discover the collaboration between Genesis and Delta 4×4, a German off-road accessory specialist. This partnership has resulted in the creation of the Snow version of the GV70, a vehicle that embodies luxury and off-road capability, ready to tackle any adventure with ease and sophistication.

Innovative Features of the GV70 Snow

Explore the unique features of the GV70 Snow, including specialized winter sports equipment, enhanced visibility with Vision X LED bars, and bespoke Anavon skis. Learn how its design is specifically tailored for the adventurous spirit, offering unmatched performance in winter terrains.

Genesis’ Commitment to Luxury and Hospitality

Understand Genesis’ philosophy of treating customers as honored guests, a principle evident in their participation in White Turf’s festivities and the luxurious experiences offered to visitors, including test drives and exclusive hospitality.

A Weekend of Luxury: Prix D’Honneur Raffle

Delve into the details of the Prix D’Honneur raffle, where attendees had the chance to win a luxurious weekend experience with Genesis, underscoring the brand’s dedication to creating unforgettable moments for its clientele.

Genesis Motor Europe’s involvement in White Turf, through the unveiling of the GV70’s Snow and the organization of unique events, showcases the brand’s commitment to innovation, luxury, and the spirit of adventure. With its eyes set on excellence, Genesis continues to redefine automotive luxury and performance.

gv70 snow

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