Hyundai Ends i30 N and i20 N Production in Europe

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Hyundai has surprisingly taken a decision that will make an earthquake at Hyundai’s N European fanbase. According to our colleagues at EVO magazine, the South Korean automotive officially announced the discontinuation of its beloved i30 and i20 N models in the European market. This move aligns with Hyundai’s ambitious goal to transition towards a zero local emissions lineup, heralding a new chapter in its illustrious history of automotive excellence.

The End of an Era: i30 and i20 N Models

Hyundai’s i30 and i20 N models have been the pinnacle of performance and engineering prowess. The i30 N, launched in 2017, marked Hyundai’s foray into the competitive hot hatch market, setting new benchmarks with its turbocharged engine and expertly balanced chassis. Similarly, the i20 N, introduced in 2021, became a formidable contender in the supermini segment, praised for its dynamic abilities and punchy performance.

Hyundai’s Commitment to a Greener Future

Hyundai’s decision to cease production of these ICE (Internal Combustion Engine) N models is a testament to its dedication to environmental sustainability. The company stated, “Production of the ICE N models has ceased for the European market starting from February, in line with our commitment to offering a zero-tailpipe-emission line-up to our customers by 2035 and to operating 100 percent carbon neutrally by 2045.” This bold step emphasizes Hyundai’s resolve to lead the charge in developing high-performance electric vehicles (EVs), promising an exciting future for eco-conscious enthusiasts.

The Dawn of the Electric Era: Ioniq 5 N EV

As the curtain falls on the i30 and i20 N models, Hyundai turns its focus to the IONIQ 5 N, its all-electric marvel. The Ioniq 5 N represents the pinnacle of Hyundai’s technological advancements, showcasing the potential of electric mobility. With Hyundai’s N division now concentrating on electrification, the IONIQ 5 N is set to redefine high-performance EVs, offering a glimpse into the exhilarating future of electric driving.


A Legacy of Performance and Innovation

Hyundai’s journey with the i30 N and i20 N models has been nothing short of remarkable. From challenging the status quo in the hot hatch and supermini categories to setting new standards in performance and driver engagement, these models have left an indelible mark on the automotive landscape. Their legacy will undoubtedly influence Hyundai’s future endeavors in the EV sector, as the company strives to merge high performance with environmental responsibility.

Looking Ahead: Hyundai’s Vision for the Future

The transition towards electric mobility is inevitable, and Hyundai’s proactive approach positions it as a leader in this new era. By focusing on the development of high-performance EVs like the Ioniq 5 N, Hyundai is not just responding to the growing demand for sustainable transportation solutions but is also shaping the future of the automotive industry. As we bid farewell to the iconic i30 and i20 N models, we eagerly anticipate the innovative technologies and thrilling driving experiences that Hyundai’s electric future promises.


Hyundai’s commitment to a zero-emission future, exemplified by the discontinuation of the i30 and i20 N models in Europe, marks a significant milestone in the automotive industry’s shift towards sustainability. While the petrol-powered thrills of the past may be fading into history, the advent of the Ioniq 5 N and future electric endeavors by Hyundai signal the beginning of a new, exhilarating chapter in high-performance motoring. The road ahead is electric, and Hyundai is leading the way with innovation, passion, and a steadfast commitment to the environment.

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