Hyundai Staria Prototype Spied in the U.S

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Hyundai revealed both, the Staria Hybrid model and the 2024 Staria model year a few days ago for the Korean market. Now our colleagues at KindelAuto captured for the first time a Staria prototype in the United States. It is unknown if Hyundai plans to release it.

Leading the Eco-friendly MPV Market with Staria Hybrid

Hyundai Motor Company have applied 1.6 turbo hybrid engine and launched the Staria Hybrid pursuing economic and eco-friendly values. It has ensured product competitiveness by standardizing specialized and customer-preferred specifications.

The Hybrid boasts excellent performance, with a maximum output of 245 horsepower. The 1.6 Turbo provides 180 hp while the electric motor helps to reach the full power. The Hybrid will add a new feature called “Traffic Jam Assist”. This feature changes the shift pattern and engine start timing based on navigation road information and vehicle driving status in low-speed traffic jams. This reduces unnecessary operations due to acceleration and deceleration, thereby improving ride comfort.

Hyundai Motor Company has equipped the Staria Hybrid with high-end specifications as standard, including a forward parking distance warning, Hi-pass or fine dust sensor. Also full-auto air conditioner with air purification mode, auto defog, an 8-inch display audio or a rear-view monitor are standard.

hyundai staria hybrid

Enhanced Competitiveness with the 2024 Staria

The 2024 Staria has improved its basic product quality by applying a USB C charger or Hyundai’s 4th-generation smart key. It has also standardized the forward parking distance warning and Hi-pass from the modern trim to enhance convenience and reduced the operating speed of the power sliding door and added a warning sound to enhance safety.

2024 Staria premium model, called Lounge, has unified the wheel color to black high gloss to improve luxury. Additionally, a rain sensor that automatically controls the wiper speed and operation time based on rain detection, an LED sun visor lamp, and a 2nd-row walk-in switch for the 7-seater model have been added to improve convenience.

Hyundai added a sliding bed, selected through the Customizing Idea Festival, to the optional items for the 2024 Staria cargo model. The sliding bed, which uses sliding rails to easily load and unload cargo, can carry up to 300 kg of cargo and is applicable to hybrid or LPI engine.

Staria’s sales prices are as follows, with various configurations and engine options listed, including the 1.6 turbo hybrid, 2.2 diesel, and 3.5 LPI models, each with specific seating arrangements and trim levels

A Hyundai Motor Company official stated, “Staria has enhanced its product quality and now includes a hybrid model,”. “The Staria Hybrid model, as an eco-friendly MPV with spacious interior, is expected to satisfy the needs of many customers.”

hyundai staria hybrid

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