2025 Hyundai Santa Cruz: Spied in the U.S.

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hyundai santa cruz facelift spied us

Hyundai continues testing several prototypes for the 2025 Santa Cruz facelift model, showcasing a significant shift in design philosophy. Today and thanks to our colleagues at KindelAuto we can see the model in video. Hit the jump and enjoy the video.

Hyundai Santa Cruz’s New Front-Fascia Design

The 2025 Santa Cruz model marks a notable transition for the Hyundai Santa Cruz, leaning more towards a traditional truck style. This section will delve into the details of the redesigned front-fascia, highlighting the changes from the current model.

Hyundai retains its signature LED-laden grille but introduces noticeable modifications. This part will discuss the new shape and placement of the LED elements, focusing on the shift from a tapered grille to a squared-off design.

The Evolution of the Upper LED Strip

While the upper LED strip remains unchanged, the grille-based LED elements have undergone a transformation. This segment will explore these changes, emphasizing the new vertically oriented blocks of light that contribute to a wider, more robust grille appearance.

Sculpted Headlight Housings

This section will examine the unchanged bumper-based headlight clusters and their new integration into the front-fascia. It will also cover the taller, rectangular housings and their impact on the vehicle’s visual appeal.

The article will speculate on potential modifications to the lower front air-intake and chin spoiler, underscoring the importance of design harmony with the new front-end elements.

Exploring New Wheel Designs

This part will offer insights into the all-new wheel designs seen on the separate prototypes, highlighting Hyundai’s approach to refreshing the Santa Cruz’s overall look.

Limited Visibility of Full Extent

Due to heavy camouflage, this section will discuss the challenges in assessing the full range of changes, particularly focusing on the tail-lights, tailgate branding, and potential interior modifications.

It is still unknown if the Santa Cruz will receive an hybrid powertrain, which was mentioned in several rumors.

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