2024 KIA K9 Launched in South Korea

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2024 kia k9

Kia Motors has officially unveiled the 2024 K9, its flagship sedan, on April 2nd, heralding a new era of luxury and design innovation. The latest iteration of the K9 comes with a host of upgrades, both inside and out, aimed at redefining luxury driving experiences. With its enhanced design features, new color schemes, and advanced convenience and safety specifications, the 2024 K9 is set to captivate the automotive market.

Enhanced Design and Luxury

The 2024 K9 sets itself apart with significant enhancements to its interior and exterior designs, reinforcing Kia’s commitment to luxury and quality. The exterior boasts a newly designed horizontal patterned radiator grille paired with 19-inch dark sputtering wheels, elevating its sophisticated and flagship presence. Additionally, the introduction of new interior and exterior colors, including the alluring ‘Pebble Gray’, further accentuates its elegance and luxury appeal.

Unparalleled Comfort and Safety

Kia has not only focused on aesthetics but also on the comfort and safety of its passengers. The 2024 K9 introduces new customer-preferred and safety specifications from its basic trim level, including a C-type USB terminal for front and rear seats, a vehicle fire extinguisher, and an innovative after-blow system. Furthermore, the inclusion of the passenger’s Ergo motion seat, a first for Kia models, and the passenger memory seat from the Masters trim level, underscores Kia’s dedication to passenger comfort and convenience.

Vibrant Color Options and Premium Specifications

The 2024 K9 offers a selection of five exterior colors and four new built-in colors for a more personalized driving experience. Notably, ‘Misty Gray’ is available with the Premium Pack option or the Best Selection II trim, offering customers a wider range of customization options. These additions, along with the highest-level premium specifications, demonstrate Kia’s relentless pursuit of improving product quality and customer satisfaction.

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Competitive Pricing and Trim Options

The 2024 K9 is available in various trims and two engine models, with prices starting from 59.33 million won for the 3.8 gasoline model Platinum trim to 86.5 million won for the 3.3 gasoline turbo model Best Selection II trim. This competitive pricing strategy ensures that there is a K9 to suit every luxury sedan enthusiast’s needs and preferences.

A New Chapter for Kia’s Flagship Sedan

Kia’s officials are confident that the 2024 K9 will set a new standard for luxury sedans, offering unparalleled levels of luxury, comfort, and safety. The K9 is more than just a means of transportation; it is a symbol of success, inspiration, and emotional richness. As Kia’s flagship sedan, the 2024 K9 promises to deliver an exceptional driving experience, making every journey memorable.


The launch of the 2024 K9 marks a significant milestone for Kia, as it continues to innovate and redefine the luxury sedan market. With its enhanced design, advanced safety features, and competitive pricing, the 2024 K9 is poised to offer a driving experience like no other. Kia invites successful leaders and luxury enthusiasts to discover the new dimensions of elegance and comfort with the 2024 K9, a vehicle that not only meets but exceeds expectations.

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