Next-Gen KIA Telluride Hybrid is Already in the Works

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kia telluride next gen

The second generation Kia Telluride is already in the works. According to our colleagues at NewAutoPost, Kia already started working on the next generation Telluride, codenamed as LQ2. Like Hyundai with the new Palisade, Kia will add a long awaited Hybrid powertrain that can even improve the great success of the Korean SUV in the U.S. market.

The Telluride Success Story

The Telluride’s journey began with a clear vision: to offer an SUV that resonates with the authenticity and ruggedness desired by North American consumers, coupled with an unbeatable price point. Its success is not just a result of its design or pricing but also Kia’s acute understanding of market needs. Despite its initial conception for local consumption, the burgeoning demand for the Telluride in Korea underscores its global appeal and the brand’s potential for even broader market penetration.

Towards a Greener Future

The introduction of a hybrid model in the upcoming full-change version of the Telluride signifies Kia’s commitment to innovation and sustainability. This move is not merely an addition to the powertrain options but a significant shift towards eco-friendly automotive solutions. According to an exclusive report by a domestic electronic media outlet, the new Telluride, under the development name ‘LQ2’, will embrace a hybrid system, marking a first for the model. Scheduled to start mass production by the end of next year, with sales kicking off in early 2026, this model is set to redefine expectations.

kia Telluride hybrid hyundai palisade

Next-gen Palisade engine bay spied in the Arctic Circle

The Power of Hybrid Technology

The current Telluride model, equipped with a 3.8L V6 Lambda engine, showcases impressive power and towing capacity. However, the shift to a hybrid model is expected to balance performance with environmental responsibility. Sharing its third-generation platform and hybrid system with the Hyundai Palisade, the new Telluride aims to overcome the limitations faced by its predecessors in the hybrid segment. The development of a 2.5L gasoline turbo engine-based powertrain for larger, high-performance vehicles highlights Hyundai Motor Group’s dedication to advancing eco-friendly certification and performance standards.

A Future of Possibilities

With the hybrid Telluride set to share its underpinnings with the Palisade, it not only paves the way for more eco-friendly certification of large-class vehicles but also promises enhanced performance. The potential for a total output of around 300 horsepower, when combined with electric motors, is particularly exciting. Furthermore, Genesis’s consideration of hybrid powertrains in future models suggests a broader shift within Hyundai Motor Group towards sustainability, without compromising on power or luxury.


The Kia Telluride’s evolution into a hybrid model is more than just a technological upgrade; it’s a bold step towards a sustainable future. As it breaks new ground with its upcoming full-change, the Telluride continues to embody Kia’s commitment to innovation, quality, and environmental responsibility. With the world eagerly awaiting its release, the hybrid Telluride is poised to set new standards in the automotive industry, further cementing Kia’s position as a leader in global market strategy and automotive excellence.

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