Genesis Launches GV70 Facelift in South Korea, Full Specs Revealed

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gv70 facelift

Genesis today launched the luxury midsize SUV GV70 Facelift in South Korea. Originally launched back in December 2020, the GV70 has proven its excellent product competitiveness by selling more than 200,000 units cumulatively in the global market based on its dynamic, sporty design, powerful performance, and a combination of various conveniences.

The GV70, which was unveiled this time, is a partially changed model introduced for the first time in about 3 years and 4 months, and was reborn with a more elaborate design and enhanced productivity based on Genesis’s design philosophy of ‘Athletic Elegance’.

The GV70 features Genesis design philosophy, which adds luxurious details to make it more sophisticated interior and exterior design, enhanced driving sensitivity with a softer ride and enhanced quietness, emotion and convenience that provides a comfortable travel experience.

gv70 facelift

A more sophisticated interior and exterior design by adding details based on the Genesis design philosophy

Based on the design philosophy ‘dynamic elegance’, Genesis added sophisticated yet colourful details to the appearance of the GV70 facelift and applied a new lamp with advanced technology to achieve a high-quality design.

The front features a crest grille refined and lavishly with a double mesh construction, while the headlamp, which reflects the two-line design, a symbol of Genesis, is equipped with Micro Lens Array (MLA) technology, perfectly blending advanced technology with elegant design.

It also features a sluggish skid plate on the front bumper and a horizontally enlarged air duct to add the right impression to the SUV, while the side is equipped with a newly designed 19-inch dark hyper silver wheel to enhance the luxury.

The rear part integrates the directional light located in the existing bumper with the rear combi lamp, realising two-line graphics while increasing visibility, and straightening the shape of the High-Mounted Stop Lamp (HMSL) located in the rear spoiler to complete a concise and clean image.

The interior of the GV70 facelift has evolved into a space that adds a high-tech sensibility and provides a more luxurious experience while inheriting the Korean ‘Beauty of White Space’ and a unique interior theme centered on oval elements.

The Genesis features an advanced feel with a 27-inch integrated wide display and touch-type air conditioning operating system that combines a cluster and an infotainment system into one.

The GV70’s exterior colors are operated in a total of 12 colors, including the new color ‘Ceres Blue (glossy/matt)’, and the built-in colors are operated with 5 basic colors and 4 sports package-only colors.

gv70 sport

‘GV70 Facelift Sports Package’ that maximizes sporty image with dynamic design elements

Genesis also runs the ‘GV70 Sport Package’, which maximizes sporty image by adding dynamic interior and exterior elements to the GV70.

Genesis highlighted the sports SUV image by applying a ‘Double Layered G-Matrix’ patterned crest grille and extended air inlet (air intake) to the front of the GV70 Sport Package.

The side features two new designs of wheels to further maximize the sporty feel. The 21-inch dark metallic wheel represented Genesis with five spokes touching the rim, with two rows of black, and the 19-inch dark metallic wheel intersecting two differently finished spokes to create a dynamic atmosphere.

The rear is a harmonious placement of dark chrome rear diffusers and muffler tips, giving the sports package a unique impression.

Genesis added a new addition to the interior of the GV70 sports package with a dedicated D-cut steering wheel, orange seat belt and stitches to enhance the sporty appeal.


Luxurious driving sensibility completed with smooth ride and improved quietness

The GV70 offers a luxurious driving experience with a smoother ride and improved quietness.

Genesis equipped the GV70 with an auto-train mode that automatically selects the optimal driving mode by determining the road surface being driven in real time, and added the hydro-bushing applied to the front-wheel suspension to the rear-wheel suspension to improve the ride comfort.

In addition, steering optimization tuning enables more stable body performance, and provides stable braking performance by applying 4P monoblock caliper as standard and optimizing braking feeling.

In addition, the GV70 has been further improved with Active Noise Control-Road (ANC-R), an active noise control technology. (※ Applied when choosing a Bang & Olufsen high-resolution sound system)

This technology measures and analyzes the street noise in real time through sensors and microphones installed throughout the room, and transmits the opposite sound to the speaker, dramatically lowering the level of noise felt by the customer.

Various emotional and convenient specifications that provide a luxurious travel experience

The GV70 offers a more luxurious travel experience with a variety of emotional and convenience specifications that are suitable for luxury SUVs.

In order to maximize luxury sensibility, Genesis added new emotional specifications such as ‘Bang & Olufsen’s high-resolution sound system’ that provides delicate and rich sound Dolby Atmos, which provides a new sound experience by adding depth, clarity, and detail to the sound, mood curator who helps passengers feel better by optimizing indoor lighting, music, and fragrance with one operation.

In addition, it provides a more convenient use experience by equipped with digital key 2, indoor fingerprint authentication system, console armrest storage box UV sterilization function, passeer posture memory system, etc.

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