Genesis Creates Genesis X Dog Concept

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genesis x dog

Genesis has created a Genesis X Dog concept, the ultimate luxury dog-friendly space designed exclusively for Electrified GV70, the brand’s dynamic and versatile award-winning SUV.

Studies carried out by the University of Lincoln have shown that dogs display less restless behaviour when travelling in electric cars. With this is mind, Genesis has created the Genesis X Dog concept, a bespoke dog accessory designed to offer pooches a relaxing space to complement the refined and comfortable ride of its Electrified GV70. With a range of exclusive equipment and accessories, the module has been specifically designed to match the rest of the Electrified GV70’s luxurious interior. 

High end luxury for your pooch

Genesis X Dog has been designed to cater for everything a dog needs before, during and after travel. It is equipped with bespoke features including a Genesis branded heated dog cushion, built-in shower, wireless Bluetooth audio system, pull-out ramp and seamless push-to-open storage compartments complete with 230V plug sockets. In addition, Genesis has created a personalised leather dog collar and safety harness to keep the dog safe and secure while on the move. 

The module has been crafted with great attention to detail, including quilted vegan leather sidewalls with matching trim to the interior of Electrified GV70, non-slip surfaces and safety locking mechanism, which include two straps on the side of the unit to prevent movement during transit as well as a safety harness anchor point. The lightweight, pull-out ramp is manufactured from aluminium and carbon fibre telescopic tubes to allow easy access to the boot, while also being highly resistant and adaptable to all kinds of terrains. 

Genesis X Dog also features a six-litre pressurised water tank, linked to the shower attachment, which is discretely stored in a designated compartment within the module, allowing four-legged friends to be washed anywhere, anytime. This is paired with an electric hairdryer, a bespoke design created to provide a flow of air at an optimal temperature for dogs, along with a stronger airflow to reduce drying time. Both these features are stored in bespoke pouches made from waterproof materials, and can be easily used when required thanks to the car’s V2L (vehicle-to-load) capabilities.

The V2L feature supports a 3.7 kW power supply and enables drivers to conveniently use a variety of electric appliances outside of the vehicle. Depending on the device, owners can access the car’s power using either the external charging port in the front grille, or by plugging into a traditional domestic electrical socket located within the storage area of the module, which connects to the rear V2L power supply in the boot. 

Interior lighting available in a choice of 100 colours is included on the base of the module surrounding the bed to create a sense of calm. With blue and violet tones recommended as more calming for dogs, the ambient lighting can help to further reduce stress levels when travelling. The lighting has been designed to blend in seamlessly with the rest of Electrified GV70’s cabin, however it is carefully positioned in the lower part of the interior as to not distract the driver. 

Electrified GV70 owners can also remove the complete module at any time in the case that additional boot space is needed. The concept was created as a one-off accessory to showcase how dog-owners could travel with their companion without sacrificing comfort. 

Written by Jose Antonio Lopez

Passionated about Korean cars from Hyundai, Kia & Genesis. Photographer. I love being in nature, hiking. Tech lover.

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