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genesis g90 black

Genesis announced a few weeks ago the release of its most prestigious model yet, the “Genesis G90 Black”. This top-tier version of the Genesis G90 flagship sedan enhances the luxury experience for its customers, diving into sales immediately and now we have on site live images.

Characterized by its authentic black design concept, “Genesis Black,” the G90 Black marks the brand’s first foray into this exclusive design territory. The vehicle’s interior and exterior are finished entirely in black, maximizing the sense of luxury and elegance.

In particular, the exterior emphasizes Genesis’s design essence of Athletic Elegance by finishing all decorative elements, large and small, in black. This not only highlights the vehicle’s character lines and shape but also accentuates its dynamic elegance.

The G90 Black features black coloring on the front bumper grill, radiator grill, front emblem, DLO molding, and brake calipers. Additionally, it comes with exclusive 21-inch dark sputtering wheels and exclusive floating wheel caps, further distinguishing the model.

genesis g90 black 1

At the rear, the Genesis lettering emblem positioned in the center of the trunk lid is presented in a dark metallic color, with no emblems for the car name (G90) and all-wheel drive (AWD) to ensure the Genesis Black’s unique differentiation.

Inside, the G90 Black creates a calm and comfortable atmosphere, with every detail finished in black. The interior boasts exclusive semi-aniline seat coverings and quilting, knobs, switchgear, real wood garnish, and aluminum speaker covers. Even the less noticeable areas, such as the lower sides of the Central Control Panel (CCP) in the rear seat, are expressed in black, adding a level of sophistication fitting for a top-tier model.

The Genesis G90 Black operates with a single powertrain and drive type: a gasoline 3.5 turbo 48V electric supercharger all-wheel drive. It offers a top-tier experience with standard high-end features, excluding a panoramic sunroof, built-in cam package, and vehicle protection film, available in both four and five-seat configurations.

genesis g90 black 1

Genesis has made repeated efforts and new attempts to go beyond a simple color to realize an authentic black design concept. Regardless of light intensity or reflection, the vehicle ensures that the black color is fully expressed in any environment through carefully selected materials such as leather, stitching thread, and real wood garnish. Each material, despite having different textures, harmonizes to complete Genesis’s unique black finish.

The G90 Black is priced starting at 138 million won (US $104,200), with Genesis providing a special customer experience exclusively for G90 Black customers. Purchasers will receive exclusive gifts and enjoy membership benefits similar to those of the G90 long-wheelbase (LWB) model, including Genesis lounge dining experiences, Michelin-star restaurant dining experiences, and Robert Parker wine masterclasses.

A Genesis official stated, “Genesis Black is characterized by its straightforward presentation of black without the need for lavish descriptions. We have confidently implemented Genesis’s unique black in every detail, large and small.”

Alongside the launch of the G90 Black, Genesis also introduced the annual model change for the G90, the “2024 G90,” which features enhanced specifications and added safety and legal compliance features to further improve its competitive edge in the market.

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