Up to Three Pickup Concepts Appears in KIA Design Video

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kia pickup three concepts

Recently we have spied for the first time what it will be Kia’s first dedicated electric pickup. Now and thanks to a video uploaded by KIA on its official Youtube channel, we can see a moment where 3 pickups appears under a cover during an interview inside Kia Design Center in California.

Kia’s president Mr. Ho-sung Song announced plans to produce specialized electric vehicles in four major markets to expand electric vehicle volume. Apart from the EV9, that is already on sale, they also announced two pickups, that will use an electric vehicle-only platform and an internal combustion engine-based architecture, respectively.

We already knew about it the latter, the upcoming Tasman, but it won’t be brand’s only pickup in the market. It was expected that the former will be developed for the North American market, while the ICE Tasman and EV Tasman will be sold in other overseas markets like Australia or UAE.

The exact moment where you can see the three pickup concepts

Revolutionizing the Pickup Segment

Kia’s foray into the electric pickup market is timely. As the demand for more sustainable and versatile vehicles rises, the traditional pickup truck is evolving. Kia’s new EV model promises to blend the rugged appeal of pickups with the eco-friendliness and technological advancements of electric vehicles.

This is not the first time we heard about Kia could launch a pickup, many years ago (in 2004) Kia showcased the KCV-4 or Mojave pickup concept that never reached production. Instead, Kia launched a ladder-frame chassis based SUV, the Borrego/Mohave (depending on the market) that passed almost unnoticed.

kia ev pickup ev9 test mule

KIA EV Pickup looks like Frankenstein vehicle, with parts borrowed from the EV9 or Hyundai Santa Cruz

Performance and Utility

Kia’s electric pickup is not just about good looks and comfort; it also packs a powerful punch. With a dual-motor setup, the truck provides all-wheel drive, allowing it to handle various terrains and weather conditions. The estimated range per charge is competitive, aiming to outdo rivals by offering over 300 miles, making it suitable for both urban commuting and rural adventures.

The payload and towing capacity are set to meet if not exceed, the standards set by existing pickups in the market. This makes it a viable option not only for personal use but also for commercial purposes, appealing to a broad audience.

Market Impact and Consumer Expectations

The launch of Kia’s EV pickup is poised to disrupt the traditional pickup market, traditionally dominated by American manufacturers. It adds a significant player to the burgeoning segment of electric trucks, where companies like Tesla, Rivian, and Ford are already making waves.

Consumer expectations are high, and Kia seems ready to meet them with this innovative offering. Potential buyers are looking forward to a blend of reliability, performance, and advanced technology, all packaged in a vehicle that aligns with their environmental values.


Kia’s electric pickup truck represents a significant step forward in the evolution of the automotive industry. With its cutting-edge technology, impressive performance specs, and commitment to sustainability, Kia is not just catching up with the trend but is setting itself up as a leader in the electric revolution. As more details emerge, the industry and consumers alike are eager to see how this vehicle will perform in the competitive market. The success of Kia’s EV pickup could very well dictate the future direction of the automotive sector, steering it towards a more sustainable and innovative path.

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