Happy Year from The KCB!!

Such a wonderful year went by, this 2011 was full of surprises from your favorite Korean brand, some with good and also bad news but as always we can only take the best of it and celebrate with Joy! Most people are celebrating new years traveling to different parts of the World, well wherever you guys at Jose Antonio and I want to wish a Happy New Year, that the upcoming year bring more happiness and Joy to our lives.

Jose and I were talking about traditions we have to receive the New Year and one of them is the 12 grapes making 1 wish for each grape you eat, tell us guys what are the other traditions you guys do?

Happy New Year!!!

New Year Greetings from Kia Motors!!

All the Kia employees from all over the world have made some greetings videos in their style and Kia compile it on one video full of joy and happiness, its really interesting the ideas Kia employees had and specially how international this company has become. Its amazing how this company has become a major opportunity of jobs and specially become a big family from each side of our world.

The video is 6:42 minutes long, I hope you guys  like the video, because we sure did! Enjoy!! (more…)

And the winner is….

Well the day has come and we are going to pick the winner of one of the Die cast models. Jose and I thought the way of doing it and this is how we did it.

Now we enumerated all the comments you guys did on the article and with that we decided to choose not the first pick number but the third, just to add more suspense on our side, and after the little game the winner is….

Amz Arwan Soethiono!!!

We took the liberty of uploading your picture from your facebook account, hope you dont mind, so we’ll get in contact with you soon  for further details.

Again, i would like to thank all our followers and readers for participating in this fun little giveaway prize we decided to do, this is a way for us to thank everyone who have follow us for the past years reading, commenting and sharing our articles, this is the first of many more giveaway prizes so stay tuned for more in the near future.

1000 Facebook likes!! Giveaway prize! [UPDATE]


The staff from the Korean Car Blog would like to thank everyone who have enter the giveaway prize contest, the comments has been close on the exact time and date, and we are not letting anyone comment anymore.  We will decide by tomorrow who is the winner and announce it around 4:00 pm CT, the winner will be contact via email or facebook to get your address and which model you would like to get.

Good luck everyone!

YES!! One Thousand and more followers on Facebook!!

We have finally reach one of our set goals keeping the same promise we made since day one, where our articles with news from your favorite Korean brands can be obtain freely not only from our blog but also shared on one of the most popular mass communication in the now days, Facebook. Since we have integrated Facebook in The KCB we have more and more readers following us with last minutes news or spy shots from all around the world, and this is not only a Facebook job but mainly you guys, our readers, for sharing all our news on your profile and letting your friends and family getting to know more Hyundai and Kia.

The Staff of The Korean Car Blog havent found the best way to thank everyone for reading, sharing, commenting and giving advices than to create The KCB giveaway for all our readers not only for facebook user but to everyone. This a completely free giveaway which includes shipping charges for these beautiful Die cast 1/18 models from your favorite Korean Brands. The new redesign 2011 Kia K5/Optima light Silver and the all new 2011 Hyundai Veloster Red, both models setting the bar for the upcoming years.

At this point you should be asking yourself how do I participate, well its really simple, we have recently added Disqus on the blog so you only have to comment on this article using your Disqus, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or Yahoo accounts telling us anything you want like the best article, one you remember the most, the category you like, etc, etc and that’s it!, you are eligible to win 1 of those Die cast models, just pick the one you like and we will mail it to you.

Remember to use the translator if you are having difficult understanding English.

The rules after the break!


Merry Chritsmass and Happy Holidays!!

This 2011 has been a great for us, we not only have growned reporting and blogging all the news from your favorites brands but also have accomplished many goals we have set, including our recent the The KCB giveaway prize. We have made a christmas card for you guys, i hope you enjoy it!

From our hearts, we wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays, and may God bless you and your family.

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