Five-door Hyundai Veloster coming soon? [Update].

Updated with new information.

According Car and Driver, a second aperture is planned for the left side, bringing the total door count up to a more conventional five. The second driver’s side door is reportedly being installed for markets like the UK, where the driver sits on the wrong other side (a similar problem to what Mini found with the Clubman). But that addition could be destined for the US market as well. (more…)

European Car of the Year 2012 Candidates Announced.

The first phase of the European “Car of the Year 2012” [COTY] award has been completed with the announcement of the 35 candidates eligible to participate in the voting process. As with prior events, in order to be a nominee, the contenders had to be new vehicles available now or before the end of this year in five or more European markets, and each has to have the prospect of a minimum of 5,000 annual sales. (more…)

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