2026 Hyundai IONIQ 4 Imagined

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hyundai ioniq 4 imagined

The advent of electric vehicles (EVs) has transformed the automotive industry, and Hyundai is at the forefront of this revolution with the launch of their IONIQ dedicated electric vehicles range. And today we want to talk about what to expect concerning IONIQ 4, Hyundai’s next all-electric sedan.

Thanks to our colleagues at NY Mammoth, who used Midjourney’s generative artificial intelligence program to create a rendering of how IONIQ 4, a compact all electric sedan that will arrive sometime in 2026 could look. Hyundai has been a significant player in the electric vehicle market, and the IONIQ 4 could be the electric for the people. We’ll explore its roots and what makes it stand out in the crowded field of EVs.

Hyundai’s journey in EV manufacturing is marked by innovation and commitment to sustainability. The IONIQ 4 will the culmination of years of research and development in this area, after the launch of the IONIQ 5 & 6 and the upcoming IONIQ 7 large SUV.

The IONIQ series has been Hyundai’s dedicated electric vehicle line, each model showcasing advancements in technology and design. The IONIQ 4 won’t be just about performance; its design and features will be equally impressive in addition to its price, that should be more attractive.

Midjourney’s IONIQ 4’s AI generative rendering shows a sleek and futuristic design that could set a new standards for electric vehicle aesthetics. We will look at its unique styling and dimensions. Hyundai won’t compromise on comfort and luxury in the as well as the spacious and tech-rich interior that will offer a premium experience.

It is still Unkown whether the new IONIQ 4 will use the E-GMP platform or the all-new eM platform set to debut in 2025. The eM platform promises a host of groundbreaking features not seen in its predecessors. These include B-pillarless and swing doors, a pop-up display, a swivel seat in the first row, a long-sliding seat in the second row, a built-in air purifier, L3+ autonomous driving, Remote Smart Parking Assist 3 (RSPA3), and controller firmware OTA updates. Although there might be limitations due to cost considerations, the Ioniq 3 is expected to redefine the driving experience.

The eM platform will feature battery packs comprising lithium iron phosphate (LFP) cells. Hyundai’s strategic initiative to develop its own LFP batteries by 2024 aims to reduce reliance on Chinese-manufactured batteries, ensuring greater control over the supply chain.

What do you expect about IONIQ 4?

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