Kia and Samsung together for a better K9

by May 2, 2012All News, Kia, Technical4 comments

We all know the K9 is coming very soon, one of the most anticipated cars that will jump one class higher than the K5/Optima. Both Korean companies have decided to work together for an extra feature on the K9, and they have decided to include the Android tablet Galaxy Tab 10.1, just like Hyundai did with the Equus and Apple.

And if you are one of the eager K9 fans and already made the pre-order, you may receive a special edition Galaxy tab 10.1 that are made for early adopters for the highly anticipated sedan. Besides from all the tablet features that will expect from the Galaxy Tab 10.1, it looks like it’ll have a very well integration of the tablet with the K9, showing you all the features and functions that you will find on the K9.

Besides the integration, most likely you’ll have access to the GPS and media player of the device. Hoping for the best and new integrations on the upcoming vehicles Kia release, what’s your thought of this? Do you think it was about time that both Korean companies started working together? Leave us your thoughts and comments on the section below.

Written by Erick Uceda

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