Interview: David – 2010 Hyundai Accent 1.4 Turbo

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In The Korean Car Blog you will find exclusive interviews, cars highly modified but specially interviews to Korean car fans like us. In this opportunity we have selected David Diaz and his Hyundai Accent, which it has been modified to his personal taste and it is also ready to conquest the drag strip in Chile.

[ads id=”0″ style=”float:left;padding:5px;”]Let us now present you with the interview we did to David and we will know more about the built of his Hyundai Accent, and his future Project with it. Furthermore, we will present you with pictures and videos of his accomplishments.

Tell us about yourself.

My name is David Diaz Bustos, I’m 23 years old and I live in Santiago De Chile. I live with this passion since my childhood and little by little I have accomplished what I have always dreamed of.

When I was kid, I always played with car toys; I think I have only played 5 times soccer and im a disaster hahaha. This passion is something that fills me up of joy, I can spend hours admiring a car or planning what I can modify next so it can go even faster. I always heard of the biggest technicians talk about cars and I asked them everything, which has made me more knowledgeable about a race car.

How do you know the Korean brand?

I knew the Korean brand since 2001 when my dad bought a Hyundai Elantra GLS full loaded, it had a nice suspension, it was quick and very agile.


What was you first impression with the Korean cars and what other brands interested you too?

My impression with the Korean cars was very good, never thought they could so reliable, safe, cheap parts, require less maintenance, and to be honest it was nice surprise to know Hyundai.

The other brands that interested me were Subaru and Mitsubishi. In the year 2009 I had a Subaru Impreza WRX with 340hp and to be honest I enjoyed it a lot, but it was not what I looking for…then in 2010 I had a Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VI Tommy Makinen and it was an incredible car, not too fast but the handling and braking was where you wanted to.

It was spectacular. After some inconvenient I had to sell the cars and I bought the 2010 Chevrolet Corsa in which it only lasted 3 months, since I suffer a car accident. The car flipped about 7 times but thanks to God the car resists the damage and here I am alive! After that accident I contain myself from speeding again.

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Tell us what Korean Car you own, model and why you picked it.

Its a 2010 Hyundai Accent Sport GLS 1.4 cc, red in color. I bought this car after the accident I had. After the accident I was only looking for a car with airbags and more stable from my previous Chevrolet, so I decided for the Hyundai Accent Sport.

I mainly bought it because I wanted a car that wasn’t too fast and rides nicely.

Approximately, when did you decided to start modding your accent?

I bought it new with 0 Km and the very next day I spend 1,500 dollars in audio, I bought new speakers, radio, amplifier, subwoofers everything from the brand Focal.

Days later I noticed the car was doing very good and it was not slow at all, it was actually fast and it turns and brakes really well.

With the time I started lose the fear from the accident. Because of that, after 2 months of owning the car I added SS headers, 2” exhaust pipes and big bore throttle body

After a week of adding those mods, I realized that I wanted to go even faster so I added NOS with 80 HP in nitrous and the car was going strong, this is the moment when I started liking the speed and races once again.

Which was your initial plans before it became what it is now?

Initially I wanted to have a good audio system, good suspension and good mpg so I could use it every day.

[ads id=”0″ style=”float:left;padding:5px;”]Tells us the things you have modified in your Accent? Did someone help you modify it?

All modifications that my Accent has gone thru were made from this great mechanic, Carlos Jofre, in this Performance shop Jofre Racing Team.

Everything that I asked him he made it happen and very well done. He built me a car that I really enjoy and I won’t change it nothing.

We modified the cylinder head, camshaft, valves, springs, gaskets, piston, connecting rods, rings, piston pin, header, exhaust, clutch, suspension and we also changed the ECU for the Fueltech Ft-400. We also added Turbonetics gtk-450 and intercooler for the turbo.

We know you have a motorsport store, tell us about it.

I am an official distributor for Fueltech in Chile, it’s an store dedicated to programmable ECU for all type of engines. With the Fueltech ECU you can replace the stock ECU and modify any parameter from it, they are a very complete ECU with many extras that comes included.

This store started in 2011 in Chile with very good results. We were able to expand to all Chile and to be honest all our clients are very happy. We have the fastest cars of Chile with Fueltech and that tell us we have a very reliable product.

The Fueltech ECU are made in Brasil and a lot of people there use it, that says a lot about this product. Now they are being test in the USA and so far they have accomplished some impressive results.

For any inquires about Fueltech products please email to and I will gladly help you with any questions you have.

We know you have recently dyno your accent, tell us your expectations before and after the result.

My expectations weren’t higher, i didn’t thought this engine would gain this much HP. But after the first couple runs with 14.5 PSI i felt it was going to give us good results, with 14.5 PSI we got 322WHP after that we raise it to 26 PSI and we finally got 432 WHP.

This is only the beginning because we can still get more horsepower, but we are going step by step and feeling how the engine is handling. For us its more important to give this power to the ground than burning tire everywhere we go.

We are now working with the exhaust; we are making some adjustment with the turbo presion so we can go even stronger.

Are you planning to keep modding when you feel it has reach its limit?

For the moment we will keep modding other things but not the engine. Now we are modifying the transmission and replacing it with a sequential transmission with a multidisc clutch. Limit, I don’t think so…the engine can give even more.

What are the achievements you have done with your Accent?

Achievements with my car are not many as far as winning races. Since this has always been an R&D car, even time we put it on the drag strip its time are going lower. Once we have accomplish the top and everything is ready, we will start participating in more races.

For now we are only worried to keep developing this car. This car only has 1 year of been built and so far we haven’t broke anything, that means we are on the right path and we moving forward with the car.

Are you in a car club?

Currently I’m not in a car club, but I am in a racing team (Jofre Racing and Fueltech Chile)

Feel free to give thanks or shoot-out.

I’m very thankful to many people that has helped me with this project, people from the shop, friends and many that helped and stayed always optimist that this will come thru.

For this is not just a car, is my dream come true. I have sacrified a lot of things to have this car such as family time, girlfriends, friends, etc. if it wasn’t for all them and their support this project would never come thru.

I would like to thank Carlos Jofre, Felipe Urrutia, Jonathan Moya, Gonzalo Santana, Omar Caniu, Gaston Mauras which are the people who built this car.

Receive a hug and thank you for this interview. I’m very thankful for your support and we will keep with the Hyundai since there is plenty road to travel.

We hope you guys have enjoy this interview and if you happen to have more questions for David about him, his business or his Accent make sure you leave some comments down below.

In the mid time we are still looking for more interviews. If you want to participate don’t forget to send us your information about your car either on the Blog email, Facebook or to our new Instagram account.

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