Scooped: Hyundai i20 Caught Undisguised for the First Time (Interior Revealed)

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Development of the next-gen Hyundai i20 is on the final stage ahead of its reveal at the Paris Motor Show held in October, if you look to the latest spy shots that today we want to share with you.

The new Hyundai i20 will have a modern looking dashboard and features included in C-Segment models, like heated steering wheel and front heated seats or a Lane Departure Warning System (LDWS). Looking more we see an inspired new Hyundai i10 steering wheel and the latest speedometer from the All-New Sonata launched today, plus mono-zone automatic air aconditioning, Intelligent Stop & Go and coloured screen cluster.

Engine choices should include the Kappa family gasoline engines, with the three-cylinder 1.0-liter and a four-cylinder 1.25-liter. On the diesel side, there will probably be a frugal CRDi three-cylinder 1.1-liter, along with a larger 1.4-liter. These will be linked to a six-speed manual gearbox or an automatic transmission. Hyundai has developed small gasoline turbo engines, a three-cylinder 1.0 TCi with 105 hp and a four-cylinder 1.2 Kappa engine with Turbo, delivering around 125 hp. We are not sure if Hyundai will implement on the new i20. Also you can see a part of the rear end totally undisguised. Sincerely, I don’t like it, I need to view more pictures to judge, but the taillights are so big and the part that runs along the trunk is unnecessary. 

Hyundai plans to capitalise on its entry into the WRC next year with a range of sporty models, will start with a sporty variant of the next Hyundai i20. Looking at the he 2014-spec i20 WRC (click here to view more). Speaking exclusively to Auto Express, Allan Rushforth, Senior Vice President and COO of Hyundai Motor Europe, said: “We chose WRC instead of F1 because of the greater crossover with our road cars. We will have sporty derivatives as a spin-off of the WRC programme.” 

“All brands need some sporty DNA,” said Rushforth, “And in the mind of consumers, Kia is probably sportier than we are. But we aim to be a bit more upmarket, like Bentley is to Volkswagen.”

Spy Shots: CarPix for The Korean Car Blog

Written by Jose Antonio López

Passionated about Korean cars from Hyundai, Kia & Genesis. Photographer. I love being in nature, hiking. Tech lover.


  1. Rick

    Meh, I hate how the interiors are starting to be “KIAfied”.

  2. Linkin Spark

    I agree with Jose – that taillight design. Good god, why is that pointy extension to the rear midline needed? I can see that maybe they are trying to offset a wide, open space at the rear should the outer taillight casings be the only ones there but come on Hyundai. Going the wild and funky way is the worst possible thing Hyundai can do now, especially when almost everyone is looking in their direction to see when they might fail. They’re starting to get a little careless and I truly hope they tone it down it bit.

    • Andrew

      This is the Peter Schryer influence. The German design philosophy is every car should look practically identical. Now that’s not meant as a knock against German cars by any means, as they are some of the finest, but I hate that concept.Schryer has pushing it really hard since becoming head of Hyundai design as well. Not to mention, he should stick to designing exeriors. Kia interiors were never their strong point even under his influence. IMHO it was always something Hyundai did much better.

      • MeetTerry

        The interior on the K5/Optima is fantastic.
        Schreyer is more than competent at designing interiors. There’s a reason why the Sonata interior and exterior has attracted so many more customers in Korea.
        “look practically identical” that is not completely true. Schreyer said he believes in maintaining design elements, NOT having the same, cookie-cutter design. Each one of KIA’s car in its lineup have the same elements, but in no way do they resemble one another. Schreyer has also stated that he would keep Hyundai’s design philosophy of fluidity.

  3. foxter

    Rear lights – are we in a circus? To me they look weird and freaky – but it is not a concept, this will be indeed sold by HMC. Please do not spoil next i30 and ix35 this way…

    • MeetTerry

      The rear lights are definitely something that will appeal to the European customers.

      • foxter

        No way. Hyundai has always had problems with rear designs (maybe except Elantra) but this rear is awful. Looks weird and freaky. But ok, everybody has right to has his own point of view, but what you think can attract customers in this rear design?

        • MeetTerry

          Hyundai has designed taillights very well. ie. Santa Fe, Tucson, Sonata, Genesis (2015).
          This WILL appeal to the European customers. These taillights have been seen on other EUROPEAN cars, like from Citroen.

          • foxter

            Genesis??? Give me a break:) Disaster! Sonata? No. IX35 maybe before FL, Santa Fe? Will do. Only Elantra keeps the level. Citroen? Yes, that’s why they were forced to start cooperation with Dongfeng, sales had been really satisfying… This will NOT appeal:)

          • MeetTerry

            What? I’m a big member on DHClub (Genesis forum) and Hyundai-Forums. Many people enjoy the new Genesis’ taillight design.
            Sonata taillights are integrated very well with the design.
            Stop trying to act as if you actually know something about auto-design. There is a HUGE difference in design appeal from American- design to Euro-design.
            Also, Citroen has had a long-standing pact/agreement with Dongfeng and Peugot since 1992.

            Nice try.

          • foxter

            No sense to talk, each one of us has his own opinion.
            As for auto-design, yeah, you are right, you have to be a master-auto-design-specialist LIKE YOU to may say that you like something or not. If you are not, you have to follow opinions of auto-design-specialists like you, own opinions are illegal and forbidden! Discussion ended.

          • MeetTerry

            Your opinion is base-less, therefore worthless.
            Trying to end this discussion in your favor isn’t exactly impressive either.
            I’ve countered each one of your points and corrected whatever you’ve said.

            My point: American-design and Euro-design are completely different on the design spectrum. Hence why only some cars exist in Europe and not in US, and vice versa.

          • foxter

            Yeah, your opinion on the other hand is the most important, everybody should follow your only-true-and-correct opinion, master of auto-design…
            Let’s drop it, since you are insulting me, no sense to continue.
            And as for rear lihgts of new i20 – sales will tell the truth.

          • MeetTerry

            Sales will be strong. There is no doubt about it. The i20 has always been a car of value, and has continuously beat out its competitors like the awkward looking Skoda Fabia

          • foxter

            As for first part of your post – i hopo so, even i don’t thiknk so.
            As for second – i like skoda fabia:)
            But i like ix35 and especially i30 even better.


  1. - Información Valora en Development of the next-gen Hyundai i20 is on the final stage ahead of its reveal…

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