What Do You Expect For The Next Generation Hyundai Genesis Coupe?

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These days several rumors are apperaing about the next-gen Hyundai Genesis Coupe. V8 engine and more space are the latest informations. Today we want to create this article with the idea of reaching more people and to share his opinion, expectations or dreams.

[ads id=”0″ style=”float:left;padding:9px;”]Currently, there aren’t any news about the next-gen Genesis Coupe beyond rumors, but Hyundai launched the concept you can see above (HED-9 or also called as Venace), this concept will anticipate the next-gen Genesis Coupe which will debut during 2015. What do you expect for this new Genny? What do you want to see or include, what about engines wise, V6 or V8?, HTRAC or RWD?

This is my personal opinion. About the design, the new Genesis Coupe will be bigger than the current model, Hyundai plans to growth up in the luxury market during the next years and probably we will see a more luxurious, bourgeois, more closer to the Mercedes S-Class and S-Class Coupe.

Not a sporty and fun RWD coupe for young people like the current, (but maybe Hyundai launch a “real” substitute of the current Genesis Coupe, or maybe Kia will be next to make a move, with a production model derived from the GT4 Stinger Concept). I think the plan is for Hyundai to continue moving up, to more older people with more luxury cars, and leave Kia as sporty-young people brand.

But you maybe think of it this way, will a luxury car customer buy a luxurious Hyundai coupe for $50-$60,000? I think that Hyundai is thinking in that, and that’s why they will try one thing before creating a separated luxury brand (more expensive to create a new brand image). With the new generation Genesis models, starting with the Sedan, Hyundai will create a Genesis sub-brand under the mother brand, with the same dealers (special zones and services into). And will be completed with a new Genesis Coupe and probably a Genesis SUV in 2 or 3 years, both more luxurious.

And you, what are your thoughts?  Be free to comment!

Written by Jose Antonio Lopez

Passionated about Korean cars from Hyundai, Kia & Genesis. Photographer. I love being in nature, hiking. Tech lover.

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