New Hyundai’s Full-Size Sedan To Be Called “Aslan”

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Hyundai said on August 24 that it has decided to name the new full-size sedan as “Aslan,” the model to fill the slot between the Grandeur and the Genesis. The company will launch the model early next month at the earliest. Aslan is “lion” in Turkish.

[ads id=”0″ style=”float:left;padding:9px;”]A Hyundai Motor official said, “We came to a conclusion to name the new car Aslan as it connotes charisma and strength. The Aslan is bigger than the Grandeur but smaller than the Genesis. As it shares the platform with the Grandeur, its height and width are identical to those of the Grandeur. The length of 4.96 meters is about 5 centimeters longer than the Grandeur but 3 centimeters shorter than the Genesis.”

The engines are in two sizes at 3.0 and 3.3 liters V6 GDi, bigger than those of the Grandeur which are 2.4 and 3.0 liters. The price range will be set between the early and mid-40 million level. The model had been unveiled in the Busan Motor Show in May this year. According to the company, the model is for domestic consumers only, with no plan for overseas markets.

The company expects the new model to defend its turf from import models such as the BMW 5 Series, Mercedes-Benz E-Class, and Audi A6. The company official said, “To target customers who prefer German luxury sedans, we focused our effort to minimize the noise and vibration as much as possible.”

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  1. Hans

    Umm product overlap? If this is competing with the E-Class and 5 Series, is the Genesis supposed to now fight the S and 7? Where does that leave the Equus, in Rolls territory?! Kill the Azera/Granduer and keep this to fight the Avalon’s etc in its place.

    • bd

      The Aslan is geared towards upper middle class Korean wives.
      Just like how Cadillac has both the CTS and XTS in the mid-price segment, Hyundai now has the Genesis and Aslan sedans – at least for the Korean market.

  2. Arjay

    As far as we know, i believe this car is only for China correct? So there really wouldn’t be any product over lap since the “Granduer” isn’t sold in China (might be wrong though, not familiar with Hyundai’s China Market).

    • Mohankeneh

      lmao no this is hyundai, they are south korean and this is a south korean only model

      • Arjay

        I know that Hyundai is South Korean. I was just stating that i thought this was a China only vehicle, similar to what buick is doing with certain models.

  3. Mobis21

    This KDM Hyundai model is so uninspiring in its design. It just reeks of blah.



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