Video: Take a Closer Look to the Kia Novo

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Alongside Kia revealed the new generation Kia K5 (also called Optima) at Seoul AutoShow, the automaker also showcased the Kia Novo concept car. This mid-sized sedan bring forward the future look of Kia’s compact cars.

[ads id=”0″ style=”float:left;padding:9px;”] Taking its name from the Latin ‘novatus’ (meaning renewed or refreshed), the Kia Novo concept is aimed at modern urbanites with stressful jobs and frantic schedules. Interpreted by Kia’s designers, the name ‘Novo’ represents the concept of making something new and fresh.

The Novo establishes a calming, focused environment in which drivers can refresh and rejuvenate as they transition from one life commitment to the next.

The Novo’s sharply creased bodywork gives the car a clean, modern appearance when viewed from the side, with strong lines on the doors, skirts and aluminum wing vents. Rear-hinged doors complete the car’s striking profile appearance, with slim, central pop-out door handles running level to the finely-sculpted aluminum door mirrors.

The Novo is powered by the latest high-tech production Kia powertrain to match its dynamic looks. A 1.6-liter ‘Kappa’ turbo gasoline direct injection (T-GDI) engine has been paired with the brand’s seven speed DCT to power the front wheels. The result is decisive, sporty performance and impressive fuel economy for Kia’s latest show star.

So today we want share with you this video of the Kia Novo where you can see closer thanks to our korean blogger & friend TNKfree.

Written by Jose Antonio López

Passionated about Korean cars from Hyundai, Kia & Genesis. Photographer. I love being in nature, hiking. Tech lover.



    Looks a bit,like the Kia GT sedan.

  2. Kialover

    The rear end could be more massive. Its looks like a broken thin german car rear end. But the rest is awesome. Finally a serious design and not such ridiculous designs made in sticky old european centers by now. The end of nice KIA design ended as Peter Schreyer took the pen into his hands because if you look to the Rio JB built from 2005 on , it was a very nice design without european influence. The same with the cerato hatchback from 2004 on. These designs were neither far east looking nor too much ugly european looking. They were the golden middle KIA beauty design.Then came Peter Schreyer and destroyed the design of KIA with ridiculous exterior design. If it wasnt for him and further european evil influence KIA had already introduced the NOVO design from Namyang in 2010 and thus wouldt have the current design crisis as you can see on the new Optima, which has a far east ugly design made by an european of all people. Isnt that strange? Do some people have the intention to damage KIA? And how can come such a amazing NOVO design immadiately from Namyang which is the complete opposite of Peter Schreyer ugly design?
    Please KIA open your eyes and find again the golden middle by making Namyang the design and research center and close all other connections. Dont give the evil any chance. Your best friend is still your own country. See the RIO JB , Cerato and the new NOVO ,all of them beautiful KIA original soul made cars.

    I love KIA.

    • Galaxium

      Schreyer designed the Novo.
      Honestly, your opinion is wrong. KIA has made its designs wonderful. Sales numbers prove it when KIA used to barely sell a few years back, but sells very well now.
      Peter Schreyer is a fantastic designer and your opinion is pretty irrelevant. You’re the only person I have ever seen to like KIA’s old designs more.

    • Jimbo

      You can’t possibly be serious. You’re the only person I’ve seen that prefers the old copycats of ugly generic late 90’s cars. EVERYONE hated KIA then and for the right reasons. They made ugly, generic, unreliable garbage for the target market that couldn’t afford a better car. KIA owes all its new momentum to Schreyer. All of it.

      RIO JB? Take that logo off of it and tell me that’s not a generic Civic/Astra/Focus from the late 90’s ~ early 2000’s.

      • thekcb

        I’m agree with you Jimbo, since Schreyer arrived to Kia, Kia cars are recognizable, and that’s the important thing for a brand. Anyway, comparted with 2004-2005 Cerato or Rio design, it impossible to compare those cars with the currently and so beautiful Rio and cee’d.

  3. lutfi

    be next kia optima model

  4. Kialover

    I meant that for the time of 2004/05 these Rio and Cerato hatchback designs were good. Just imagine these designs to be developed further to 2014/15. Then we would definitely have better designs than the new Optima or the KX3 or something like that.And as you said the rio was a copy of other cars then please look to the new Ford models. They all look like KIA fronts. I hold on my opinion: The Kia Rio hatchback was the first nice model that showed KIAs design mentality. Ok it was thin and it had hard plastic inside but for the time of 2005 it was a very good design especially the front compared with the new KIA fronts. Just look to the new ceeds vengas rios and especially new carens front (the rest areas and the new interiors are well made). I can live with the strange grills but the headlights are all overstretched designed that is leading to an unserious front. But hopefully the NOVO front is the complete opposite of them. It makes me still believe in KIA. KIA must apply the Novo front ,especially the headlights, more or less to all new KIA models. And if Peter Schreyer has designed the new NOVO front then I dont understand how he could design the new Optima (within short time distance) which is the complete opposite of the NOVO design. The new Optima is rather a Hyundai or a japanese car but definitely not a KIA mentality designed car. The NOVO combined with the current KIA rear design (except for the new Optimas rear) must be the leading design for all upcoming KIA models. The new model Ceed and Carens must be stretched to 4,70 to 4,75 meters to close KIAs lenght gap plus all new KIA models must get nice and serios fronts like the NOVO with its nice headlights.

  5. Jeff

    As an owner of a current model Kia Cerato sedan I’m not sure about this. It doesn’t look as sleek and is more blocky. I hope it looks better in production form until then Novo is a no go for me.



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