Real Life Pictures of 2016 Kia Sportage

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2016 Kia Sportage (3)

The All-New 2016 Kia Sportage is close to the Frankfurt debut in September 15th, and we already revealed with fancy studio photos, but we all know that the “real life photos” allows us to get a better feel for the car, and thanks to CarPIX we can share with you today.

[ads id=”0″ style=”float:left;padding:9px;”]About the exterior, this new spy pictures and the official reveal about the 2016 Kia Sportage showed a two model range, we confirmed this with Kia, and the all-new Sportage will be offered with the same two faces as we saw in the All-New K5, the MX model, with a more modern design and the SX model, a sportier model that showed ice-cubed LED and 3 LED Optima inspired headlights, but at least, only for South Korea. For Europe Kia will use the ice-cubed under the GT-line badge.

The engine line-up will be almost the same as the new Tucson, with the all-new 7-speed dual clutch transmission, which will be available at launch besides a choice of gasoline direct injection and diesel engines, plus small turbo engines. In the diesel side, improved 1.7 CRDi 116 hp could be the most desired into European market.

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About the petrol engines, the 1.6 GDi will be the base engine, while a turbo variant will offer 185 hp for European spec model. About an all-new small turbo engine, the 1.2 T-GDi delivering 132 hp but this is not confirmed yet. Talking with Kia sources, in the case they decided to include this engine, will be only available in Europe.

South Korea line-up will be reduced to 1.7 CRDi available with 7-speed DCT & 2.0 CRDi diesel engines, plus a 2.0 T-GDi engine. In the US-market, we are not sure if Kia will include the 2.0 Turbo GDi, but is available in the current model, so maybe continues as a SXL version.

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  1. Kialover

    Wonderful design especially the finally changed front. But i am always in struggle with the tiger nose grill. I am wondering if it had to be for this grille again and why KIA doesnt take the simple grille of the 2005 Rio JB or something like that. At this sportage it is nice spread but still looks a bit too much place-taking to me.But in the end i must see it in real life. The rest is unique wonderful.
    All in all its the best Kia front so far next to the new Sorentos front. The new (head)lights and the stripes on the back are the best innovations to me. And the next bomb of KIA is the planned Optima Sportswagon for europe. I am so happy these days.

    • Kia Fan and Fun

      Back and side
      view, very nice. Front, well, the design team was probably after some crazy
      party J

  2. Denis Rousseau

    The headlights are at the wrong place, too high, look like a ”tiger frog” chimera!
    Peter schreyer dropped this one!

    The back end is ok looking like the old model

    Again wait for 5-6 years to have something decent truck looking in front!
    Deceiving Porsche Macan alike look!

  3. Kialover

    No. The headlights are at the right place, definitely with right shape. Even the grill is now finally at right place but its form make me thinking. But there is a picture above where it is acceptable. I will wait to see it in real and then i will write my view on this blog. See you then.

    • Tim

      It’s almost like different people have different opinions, isn’t it?

  4. Nigel Britton

    Nice evolutionary design with a touch of Porsche at the front.

  5. Kialover

    Could KIA take a finer tiger nose grille for all upcoming models as we can see on the current Soul, Rio and most beautiful on the sportspace concept. These grills are the best looking solutions for the tiger nose. For more air intake one could make a bigger grille on the bottom of the bumper. I know this is difficult to realize for big cars like the Sportage and Sorento but maybe its an idea for the KIA designers to implement it on the upcoming models or even on the facelifts after 3 years. In the end it just would be a little change on the bumper but with big positive impacts on the front design in my opinion.



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