All-New Kia Sportage Design Story

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Kia Sportage

The Kia Sportage is back with an all-new model, five years after the launch of the previous generation vehicle.

[ads id=”0″ style=”float:left;padding:9px;”]First unveiled at this year’s Frankfurt International Motor Show, the all-new Sportage instantly caught the attention of many car lovers with its powerful look and improved features.

The development project of the 4th generation Sportage was initiated back in April 2012, with involvement of global Kia design teams in the US, Germany and Korea.

Check out the interesting behind-the-scenes stories of the all-new Sportage design, shared by actual Kia exterior and interior designers, thanks to our friends at Kia Buzz.

Previous design scale model

What do you think about this side line going up at the rear window? “Designing the all-new Sportage was a great challenge for Kia designers,” said the chief of the exterior design team, Moon-Hyo Yoon. “We aimed to bring its design to a whole new level while maintaining the already-perfected design identity of the 3rd generation Sportage.”

Kia Sportage Render

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After endless hours of discussion and sketches, Kia designers decided on the design keywords “Sporty & Powerful Energy”. As a result, the newest generation Sportage has received horizontal streamlines on the side which maximize the sturdy and strong sensation of the chassis. With its rigorous body shape and powerful details, the design of the Sportage was taken to a whole new level.

Kia Sportage Sketches

Kia’s Exterior Design Team boldly placed the headlamps above the grille for an identity that is more progressive and aggressive than most SUVs. The rear combination and front fog lamps also add a futuristic touch to an already strong design.

The underlying theme for the all-new Sportage’s interior was innovation. “We aimed to create a luxurious yet comfortable interior that perfectly fit both urban and outdoor settings,” explained Chi-Young Kim of the Interior Design Team.

The inside of the car focused on providing the most driver-friendly experience in the segment. Compared to its predecessor, the new Sportage has more personalized touches, ranging from a conveniently organized display zone, heightened visibility of the cluster and an optimum AVN angle for the driver to easily access controls. Not only that, both the front and back seat heights were readjusted and a fold-and-dive function was added to the back seats for the first time in a Sportage.

The carefully selected range of 8 colors are yet another unique characteristic of the all-new Sportage. Ranging from urban-style Cherry Black to sparkly Mercury Blue, the exterior colors were created to represent the young and outdoorsy feeling of Kia’s newest compact SUV.

All-new Sportage in Patina Gold

The newly introduced Patina Gold and Fiery Red colors were inspired by nature, and the Kia Color Team strived to create a visual sensation by balancing metallic glimmer with semi-bright hues.

All-new Sportage in Fiery Red

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