Kia Teased Second Generation Cadenza

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kia teases new cadenza (2)

The all-new Kia Cadenza will set new benchmarks for cutting-edge design, interior quality and contemporary luxury when it goes on sale in overseas markets in 2016.

[ads id=”0″ style=”float:left;padding:9px;”]Previewed for the first time in new images released today, the next-generation Cadenza maintains the progressive, contemporary image of the current model, while introducing higher levels of luxury and refinement to the large sedan segment.

The all-new Cadenza offers a bold reinterpretation of the current model’s popular design, featuring an elongated bonnet, a wider, lower stance and sharper styling lines, with a thoroughly modern execution of signature Kia design cues ensuring the new Cadenza is instantly recognizable.

The cabin of the all-new Cadenza has been designed anew, boasting a fresh, luxurious appearance and layout that offers a sense of width and spaciousness. With a premium new design and higher-quality materials than ever before – two elements inspired by European tastes – the Cadenza’s new cabin will set a new standard for luxury and refinement in its class.

The all-new Kia Cadenza will go on sale in overseas markets in 2016. Kia will include the ice-cubed LED as fog lights like in the US-spec Kia Sorento or the current Kia Optima as we saw in the pics. According to the latest comments we received, the new Cadenza (as its called in overseas markets) will look more upscale and close to the Genesis, confirmed by this renders.

About engine line-up, 7-speed dual clutch transmission and new 8-speed Automatic Transmission, developed by Hyundai for FWD cars will be available at launch besides a choice of gasoline direct injection and diesel engines (initiating its landing into the European market), plus small turbo engines.

In the diesel side, improved 2.2 CRDi R-Engine with 200 hp could be a start. Petrol line-up could be available with 3.0, 3.3 and 3.8 GDi engines, and could be surprised with and entry level 2.0 Turbo delivering 250 hp. A 3.3 Turbo-GDi engine will be reserved for the Kia GT production version, codenamed as CK.

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  1. Nick

    Why does it look like a Genesis inside? Did they forget they’ve separated Genesis as it’s own brand now. Doesn’t KIA continuing to make luxury cars defeat the purpose?

    • Erick

      Even though Hyundai Motors and Kia Motors are owned by the same company, Hyundai Motor Group, they still threat each other as competition. Each company has their own sales target to complete and future plans to acconplish , so it does not.
      I wouldn’t be suprise if Kia in the future does the same thing.

      • Luke

        Well, it’s worth noting that Kia isn’t even majority-owned by Hyundai Motor Group; they only hold a ~33% share in the company. As you say, they are very much a threat to each other, they just also happen to work together, as well.

        • Erick

          True and it’s more like sharing the expenses since some of the parts goes to both brands and of course, now it’ll be all 3 brands.

          • Phil

            Fair enough, but why the identical interiors though? If one changes the steering wheel you essentially have the Genesis interior.

          • Erick

            I’m not sure why you are surprise, this has always been the case with Hyundai and Kia cars.

          • bd

            Actually, Hyundai and Kia dash designs have usually been quite different, but starting with the K900 and the 2G Genesis and refreshed Equus, the dash designs of the luxury sedans started to look a bit similar due to the horizontal lay-out.

          • Erick

            Let’s not forget the sonata and optima.

          • Luke

            It could just be a problem of both Hyundai and Kia taking the same inspiration for luxury interiors. Truth be told, all the big luxury players are doing horizontally-oriented interiors: Lexus, BMW, Audi, Mercedes-Benz. It’d be nice to see Hyundai/Kia doing more creative designs, but I’m still not sure they’re that comfortable doing so.


    Where is the AWD



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