Hyundai Ioniq Spotted Inside

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We now have the latest pictures of the new Hyundai IONIQ or also known as Prius figther. Hyundai is getting closer and closer to release this little car and we can’t wait to see it on the roads.

The exterior of the Hyundai Ioniq is something we have seen before in some spy shots, having the hatchback style on the back just like the veloster and the front it’s more towards the elantra style.

One thing we haven’t seen much in detail is the interior, last time we saw with camo and lots of wires but today we see a completely naked interior.

The steering wheel is a small one, but is very similar to what we see on the Kia Rio, with 2 metallic accents coming out from the horn to the bottom of the steering wheel, which is now in a D shape form.

The cluster very similar to what we saw on the Hyundai Sonata Plug-in, with a different color range to show when you arr driving Eco or at full power.

The entertainment system is all by itself with the front vents, very minimalistic which is great for no distraction and we still have the radio knobs and buttons down below the screen, with options for Audio, Media, Telephone, up and down arrows, Map, information and setup. This also becoming a new trend for all new system, since most of them will be able to interact with Android Auto and Apple Carplay but on the screen currently we just see Hyundai Infotainment system.

Down below we see the digital screen to control the temperature which it also has the option for dual temperature. Below we just find the the regular A/C buttons that everyone is used to.All of these has a piano black finish, a very glossy which I’m sure finger prints will love.

At the shifter on the left side we coupke different buttons but one of them is for drive mode, so we can expect something similar to the Sonata and on the right side some 3 extra buttons, on this particular car they are blank but I can assume one of them them might be for heating and cooling seats.

According to the latest rumors, the Hyundai IONIQ will get revealed at the Geneva Motor Show 2016 in March.
Additionally there are rumors about 3 drivetrain options you can choose. Full electric (EV), Plugin-Hybrid (PHEV) and Hybrid (HEV), both Hybrid variants will be coming with a 1.6 Liter petrol engine.


Written by Martin Hornung

Hyundai Fan and driver since the Coupe GK. Now i am driving a Genesis and still in love with the company. I am admin of the german hyundaiforum and can not wait to meet all the nice people we have in the Hyundai/Kia scene!

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