Kia Genesis Coupe CK?

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We are getting closer and closer to finally get what all Kia car enthusiast wants, a Kia sports car, a rear wheel drive. Lets examine some of the things said on their lastest article.

[ads id=”0″ style=”float:left;padding:9px;”]It is said we will finally see Kia Sports car by second quater of 2017 targeting an annual output of 60,000  but specific plans are not identified since they are not official yet.

The Kia Novo is their new Concept car that resembles very much some of the specifications Kia will bring for their sports car.

Said models will have 3 engine options:

[ads id=”0″ style=”float:left;padding:9px;”]2.0 GDi Theta II engine, we can assume this could the same engine for the Elantra producing 174 horsepower and 157 lb-ft. of Torque

2.2 CRDi engine, This engine can be found in europe at the Kia Sorrento producing 197 bhp and 441 Nm.

3.0 GDi Lambda engine, This engine is found in the Genesis sedan but in global markets, producing 253 horsepower and 224 lb-ft. of torque.

Our guess is this list is missing a turbo engine and we might see either the 2.0 Turbo engine from the Sonata and Optima, and we have our higher hopes for the new 3.3 twin-turbo engine currently found the new Genesis G90/EQ900, you’ll find out why.

One thing we also notice with this new code name CK is some of the pictures found previously for the Genesis Coupe mule.

[ads id=”0″ style=”float:left;padding:9px;”]We are happy and sad at the sametime to find out that this test mule was not actually a Hyundai/Genesis brand but actually a Kia in disguise. Kia Motors was testing their new Sports card based on the Genesis Coupe platform. For sure this is a surpirse for us but we saw it coming and if that label is right, we’ll see not only the 3.3 twin-turbo but also the eight-speed automatic transmission plus an All Wheel Drive option.

We’ll keep looking for more details on this Kia CK car.


Written by Erick Uceda

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  1. Ainnem Agon

    I want BADLY that this CK is truly a sports KIA; Hyundai already has their own luxury brand and sports line.

    • Erick

      You and Kia car enthusiast(myself included), hopefully Kia doesnt take too long to release it.

  2. Darius Davis

    The CK code name is likely the name of the new RWD platform that will underpin the G70 and this new Kia Sport sedan. The current Genesis Coupe rides on the BK platform which was based on the previous Genesis sedan’s BH platform. The new Genesis sedan(G80) now rides on an updated DH platform.

    • Erick

      it could be, but the each model has their own codename.

  3. mas921

    Ok “RK” is the G70 Sedan, CK is the KIA sports sedan, whats the G70 coupe then? “DK” would be awesome! xD seriously though, the reuters news piece sad the car would have 3.0 GDI, the test mule had 3.3T on it … thats one big hole in that news piece!

    • Erick

      hahaha their codename are clever lol we are hoping to see something at New York Autoshow.

  4. bd

    The Novo concept was supposed to be the Forte/Cerato and cee’d replacement.

    Unless plans have changed, hard to believe that this is anything more than further confirmation of the production version of the GT concept altho, the engine lineup (if accurate) gives pause as the production version of the GT is supposed to get the 3.3TT as its top engine.

    Maybe Kia decided to add a smaller and 3rd RWD sedan, but in this market, would have been better off adding another luxury crossover to the one that is rumored to be in development.

    • mas921

      yeah the GT is what 1st came into my mind

      • Erick

        the GT is a bigger sedan, what we are expecting is something a little smaller.

    • Erick

      Kia is already on the making for a Luxury SUV, we have some shots for it that we will soon upload.

      • bd

        There have been 2 concepts – the Cross GT and the Telluride, but unlike for Hyundai, no public confirmation of actually going ahead with a luxury crossover – tho, seems all but inevitable.

        Definitely would be interesting if Kia changed plans and is adding a 3rd smaller RWD sedan, but the time-frame seems awfully optimistic as the production version of the GT was slated to go into production within the next year or so.

        And if that is the case, in today’s market would be better for them to have opted for a 2 sedan, 2 crossover luxury lineup rather than 3 sedans and 1 crossover (unless they have plans to add a 2nd crossover) – but a 5 model luxury lineup might be asking too much with their more limited resources in comparison to Hyundai.

        Also, instead of trying to compete head to head with the Genesis brand and the other luxury makes, Kia would be better off differentiating its luxury lineup from that of the Genesis brand.

        Sleeker sheetmetal (a la more the “4-door coupe” sedan style – which apparently they are doing, with the crossovers being less box shaped as well), sportier tuning and slotting between the Genesis offering in size.


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