Genesis New York Concept shows up before NYAutoshow

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Genesis New York Concept

Here it is guys! Genesis New York Concept, this is the concept model Hyundai told us at the Elantra Media presentation. This is a four-door sports sedan that will resemble the upcoming G70.

[ads id=”0″ style=”float:left;padding:9px;”]We are all anxious to know what the G70 will look like and if it’ll be a true sports car, also if we are going to see a coupe version of this model replacing the Genesis Coupe, or just a new model introduced for the new Genesis Brand. Hopefully there will be a new coupe model out of this New York Concept. It is said this upcoming model will be competing agaisnt the BMW 3- series.

Manfred Fitzgerald, head of Genesis brand, added: “The New York Concept is a progressive concept car that showcases the design quality of the brand. With its expressive volumes and refined design, the New York Concept truly embodies the athletic elegance, which characterizes Genesis products.”

This will represent the third model coming to the Genesis brand, previously introduced was the G90 and the G80, known before as Equus and Genesis sedan. Hyundai also has two more Crossover to join the brand plus a Coupe model, the one everyone is waiting for.

Genesis will take the wrap off at the New York Autoshow starting on March 23, so we’ll keep an eye for this new model.

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    The front end is very nice.

  2. bd

    If the rest of it looks good and Genesis can bring the production version close to the concept’s front end – will be be the best looking compact sports sedan.

  3. Luke

    I’m more interested in whatever mechanical specs this model will have than the styling, which–as we can already see–will likely be attractive, but unremarkable and unoriginal. I’m assuming it’ll have a 2.0t I4 engine, but the one in the current Hyundai/Kia lineup seems consistently to fall quite short in terms of performance. Will it have a tuned version of the naturally-aspirated 3.3L V6, a down-rated version of the 3.3L V6 twin-turbo, or will it have the 3.8L V6? Will there be an N version, with the 480hp version of the 3.3L V6 twin-turbo?

  4. Nick

    So a $50k Lagonda Taraf? Cool lol.

    • Darius Davis

      Where does it say $50k at?…

      If the bigger Genesis sedan(G80) starts at $38k this is likely to start at $31k. Also the Lagonda looks nothing like this “concept”

      • Nick

        I’m speaking in terms of Canadian pricing. Loaded up, I’d expect no less considering the Sonata here touches $40k after taxes. As for not looking like the Lagonda Taraf, quit kidding yourself.

        • Nick

          To clarify, I have no issue with it looking like the Taraf.


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