Elantra Sport to have 1.6 T-GDi 200 hp & 7 DCT, debut end of April

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elantra sport

Finally another picture of the near Hyundai Elantra Sport is now on the internet and with a different camouflage, with just the vynil to disguise the shape of the car, and new details are revealed.

[ads id=”0″ style=”float:left;padding:9px;”]Hyundai Motor and Kia Motors are gradually expanding their turbo engine-mounted lineups. Compared to natural inhalation engines, turbo engines can generate stronger power since it increases output by forcefully increasing the amount of air the engine inhales. 

According to industry sources on April 10, Hyundai Motor plans to release a Avante (as it is named in South Korea) high-performance model at the end of this month. The model will be mounted with a gasoline 1.6-liter Turbo-GDi engine. 

In harmony with a seven-speed dual clutch DCT, the Elantra Sport model is believed to have realized a maximum output of 200 horsepower and a maximum torque of 27.0 kg.m.

The Elantra Sport will come with a body kit, more agressive front & rear bumpers, new LED DRL lights, exclusive 18″ alloy wheels, sporty seats with two-tone upholstery as well as a dual exhaust pipe.

News source: [Hankyung]

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  1. Doug

    A 1.6t with 200hp and a DCT? That would be a wild disappointment since the Veloster has had this combo for years already and the Kia Forte has also had the 1.6T for several years. 200hp isn’t much “sport” these days when the Focus ST has over 250. If it’s already a struggle to justify a $26k 200hp Veloster vs a Focus ST, how’s a 200hp Elantra Sport going to make any sense? It needs the 2.0T at least. I thought the Hyundai N division was bringing the heat, not just the warmth.

    • bd

      This is just the Sport trim and not an N-division performance line.

    • Erick

      This is just to spicy things up on the sedan model but has nothing to do with the N Performance.

  2. Jake

    This is stupid, if I purchase a fully loaded Elantra they best give me the best of everything the have.

    • Denis Rousseau

      Why they give you something they don’t have???
      the 2.0T GDI ? Maybe but Hyundai is to shy for this!
      Hyundai got no balls/audacity! That’s the problem!

      • Jake

        I was talking in reference to the 1.6T that the sport will have couple with the DCT. The current Elantra Limited makes around 148hp. There’s no reason for that not to be the main power plant on the limited.

        • Denis Rousseau

          Good point with that! And i know for canada Hyundai is not planning at all to bring the 1.4TGDI ECO version in high end models and i have big doubt for the sport version 1.6 T Gdi to come in Canada.

          • KT

            The Elantra Sport is coming to Canada.

  3. Denis Rousseau

    as good as the crappy Veloster!
    A sportier version and waiting for the N
    Nice for the Elantra never had performance oriented before, it is a shy beginning but its there.
    Hope they change the (go noware flimsy suspension) on this model and worked on the handling a lot!
    Definitely not a Civic SI or Ford ST
    Not more or less than Kia Forte!

    • Erick

      We heard it’ll come with rear independent suspension, if thats the case for sure it’s an improvement for what will come next.

      • Luke

        The Elantra should come with an independent rear suspension in every configuration. Hyundai need to start deciding to do things because they’re better, not cheaper. That’s an accountant’s mindset, not an automotive engineer’s or designer’s.

        • Erick

          There is a reason why their prices are competitive, if not cheaper than the others.

          • Luke

            But I thought Hyundai wasn’t going to be relying so heavily on lower prices to compete? Their product is better than some competitors–like the Toyota Corolla, Nissan Sentra, and Dodge Dart–but they always seem content with offering the best value car, instead of the best car. It makes them very difficult to respect as an automobile company, and I have to echo sentiments that Hyundai’s lack of ambition and courage in the product they produce is very disheartening.

          • Erick

            Price is just another part of the equation. Which is big factor when it comes to the amount of cars they sell, because for what they are paying, they are getting more than others offer. The company is doing good based on sales, I’m sure they can do better if they increase their prices to increase features or invest in R&D but then the masses will “complain” and choose a brand with “better” history. To me, they are offering the best car for the best value.

          • Luke

            But if Hyundai are ever to develop a “better” history, they’re going to have to produce cars that are admirable, at any price. At this point, people know that from Hyundai (and Kia), they get a competent, well-equipped car for a good price. Hyundai already have credibility as a mainstream manufacturer. What they’re going to need–especially with their Genesis brand–is to be an admired manufacturer. You just don’t get admiration for producing, competent, good-value cars, fair or unfair as that may be. You don’t establish a history by continually playing to expectations; you have to surpass them and surprise people.

            At this point, I’m confident that Hyundai can do that with styling, although the current generation is an unfortunate conservative step back from the first Fluidic Sculpture language which first got the company so much attention; the current cars are particularly problematic for how much design they share with Genesis’ designs. However, automotive enthusiasts are the ones who ultimately provide brand image, and the company clearly isn’t putting a priority on offering that demographic anything truly inspirational.

            An old Ferrari making headlines for selling to a collector for millions of dollars does wonders for the company’s current sales even if the vehicles were merely competent–which they aren’t. Same thing for an Auto Union or a Toyota 2000GT. There is no Hyundai (or Kia, or Genesis on the horizon) which is a collector’s item, and there desperately needs to be.

            I’ve said this elsewhere–Hyundai need a moment, a car which signifies that they’re in this for more than sales volume, a car which shows that they actually care about their brand image for what it says about the company, instead of merely what it says about their business operations.

          • Erick

            Wow! Why are you making me read all of this lol

            OK so here is what I think. Hyundai did it and it was called Genesis sedan but instead of keeping it as Hyundai they decided to create a separate brand, which they were planning to do that a long time ago but with the reaction of customers and media with the new Genesis, they saw the opportunity to do it.

            Right now it’s way to soon to separate design from the new brand, with the time theyll do that and here is my hope that Hyundai will be able to pull it off like they did with genesis.

          • Luke

            That they have “pulled off” anything with the Genesis is very arguable. It’s a very good car, no doubt, one worthy of even more praise than it gets, but it’s not particularly unique, and I don’t think it’s very memorable. It certainly isn’t collectible.

            I’m making you read this because this webpage, useful as it is as a source of information about Hyundai products, is incredibly uncritical of the company, and ironically, could be said to have low expectations for it considering how easily all its current efforts are heaped with praise. If you care about something, you should want it to do its best. If you think Hyundai is currently doing its best, then you must have low expectations for it.

            Hyundai could easily have had a CRX level product (in terms of its memorability and impact on the enthusiast community) in the Veloster if they hadn’t half-assed the suspension and chassis. Hyundai could easily turn the Genesis Coupe replacement into a Supra revival, if they weren’t insistent on getting ever dollar they can out of every sale by turning it into a Genesis model, instead of bringing the car back as a Tiburon.

            I’m making you read this because if you understand anything about the automotive industry, and you care about Hyundai, you ought to expect more out of it.

            (Also, “The Korean Car Blog” is quite a misnomer for a website without anything about SsangYong, Renault-Samsung, GM Korea, or any local or international Korean racing.)

          • Denis Rousseau

            Why not to talk about Korean Supercar like the Spirra GT 270!
            Spirra who is going Electric too!
            Lots of things in South Korea need to be known in car world!

        • Denis Rousseau

          Yep they(hyundai) are on Toyota side for handling but realy need a good road handling like a Mazda 3… at least!
          But in USA good/sport handling mean nothing to buyers, they dont care about this important detail!
          Hyundai is not cheaper on regular price with Honda and/or mazda or other at least in Canada they are at PAR with others.
          Nissan is doing record breaking sale in canada with the Sentra sedan at 12 000 $ Cdn, it is not an easy situation.

  4. Denis Rousseau

    it will be a less boring Elantra!


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