2017 Elantra Sport without Camouflage

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The Elantra Sport has nothing to hide this time and not only is showing us what it’ll look like but also a new color too.

[ads id=”0″ style=”float:left;padding:9px;”] We are still waiting on Hyundai Motors to show us officially what this new Avante/Elantra Sport model will look like but so far we haven’t seen the Press release yet from Korea but we do know it’ll be shown in the USA at SEMA this year and we can’t wait to check it out personally.

We have already talked about the engine coming to this new model, which should be the 1.6L Turbo engine just like Veloster with 7 DCT transmission.

And of course, we were told this sport model will bring the rear independent suspension that hopefully will be the first of many more models coming with this setup.

Something new we found for this model is the new color Hyundai is giving to the Sports model, this yellowish color which is similar to the BMW Austin yellow metallic but a bit brighter.

The only one left is the Elantra GT/ i30 but unfortunately when Hyundai showed us which models are coming this year in the USA, this particular model was nowhere to be found. Hopefully Korea will surprise us this year not only with the i30 but also a sneak peek of the N-Performance.

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  1. Denis Rousseau

    Nice wheels!

  2. Jake

    Man, I really wish they’d give it a real dual exhaust. This BMW eqsue two exhaust outlets on one side looks so cheap.

    • Denis Rousseau

      Cool something more to change!
      Tuners will like to change it!

      • Lefty89

        At $33K loaded in Canada, I don’t want to spend money to modify parts on my car. It’s something they should have done right the first time. I agree with Jake.

        • Denis Rousseau

          A honda civic EX-T or the Touring will do a better job even with less power on papers and 26-29K$ start price! Big doubt for the Elantra Sport 1.6TGDi 200 “not there” HP
          i did drive the Veloster Turbo backthen but not realy impress by the power, handling was better than standard Veloster but not at the Veedub GTI level at 30K$ and why Hyundai is asking 33 K$ for the Elantra sport????? Common….It is not a Genesis!

  3. Ainnem Agon

    I wanna a Koup with that same engine+DCT



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