Kia CK Spotted for the First Time w/ Final Body

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Long long ago, Kia launched an incredible Sportscoupe Concept at the 2011 Frankfurt Motor Show. Designed by Peter Schreyer, the GT created a big hype between Kia fans as well as media. Finally and thanks to our friends from MotorGraph today we can share the first pictures (under camouflage) of the production version of Kia GT (codenamed as CK).


[ads id=”0″ style=”float:left;padding:9px;”]Finally after so many pictures of the Genesis coupe mule driving everywhere in the worl, in all the different type of roads and weather conditions we finally get to see pictures of the car itself.

This is Kia’s first attempt for a sports car (besides Kia Elan) and it seems that a lot of people and Kia enthusiast will like this design. This model, as we said before, has a lot of similarities from the concept model Kia GT, for one we can see the fastback similar to the Audi A5 and A7 that some might find this very attractive, as I do too, and also keeping the 4 door option with almost identical C pillar from the GT concept. It looks like the rear passengers will have some headroom but we’ll find out that later with more pictures.

4 things that shines a lot is the exhaust tips, Kia decided to give it a quad exhaust tips which it looks very sporty, also there is new wheel design with multiple spokes that flows nicely with the car. Another shiny thing on the exterior is the chrome vent on the lower side of the fender that seems to continue to the driver’s door and also on the from the long hood for this car.

Unfortunately we can see the front end of the car, which might look similar to the GT too. Another thing is the interior, we can’t tell what it looks like but we can expect something new from luxury and sport feel.

Now let’s brainstorm a little here, it seems like the engine bay will have enough room for a big engine and we doubt Kia decided to use a quad exhaust tip for just the 1.6 turbo engine. Our guess is we’ll see a bigger engine here, more like towards 2.0 Turbo engine, and while we are at the turbo engines sure why not the 3.3 Twin Turbo engine, if Kia decides to include this engine for sure it will raise a lot of car enthusiast interest.

So this will leave us with a lot of questions for you guys. How many of you would like a “fastback” Kia? Which engine do you think Kia will use and which one you hope they use? And last, would you consider buying this model? Let’s us know in the comments below.

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  1. Pete

    Why not just save a vehicle like this for the Genesis brand, when they inevitably make a 4 door coupe to compete with the likes of the CLS and 6 series Gran Coupe?

    • Luke

      Because Kia and Hyundai/Genesis don’t share upper management, and Hyundai–in fact–owns less than a controlling share of Kia. This is something done on Kia’s own initiative, even though it’s obviously going to involve a lot of Hyundai bits and pieces for the mechanical stuff.

      I’m glad to see this is finally being put into production. It was a great concept, and I hope that, for engines, it has a well-tuned 2.0T, a naturally aspirated 3.3 tuned for ~100hp/liter, and that it has the 3.3T tuned for both 365 and 480 horsepower. I doubt the NA 3.3 will happen, but it’s a great engine, and I’d like to see the company do more than just toss a pair of turbos on it.

      • Ainnem Agon

        Yeah, I am also glad. It is astonishing how this production unit is very close to the prototype´s design. OK, we lost the suicidal doors (too risky for public acception) but the rest is almost everything there.

        • Erick

          That’s true, even tho it has camo you can still see the shape of the GT concept and I’m sure everyone will be please by that…but of course, we have to wait until the camo is off for better judgment. I feel this will be a winner for the car enthusiast even tho I heard Kia isn’t looking forward on the sales figures.

        • bd

          A bit more glass and adding the B-pillar at the greenhouse does take away some of the sleekness of the GT concept, but pretty much inevitable (now, the greenhouse looks more like an aggressive version of the 1G Optima).

          Don’t yet know what the front and rear fascias will look like – rumor that the front might be quite different from the GT concept and instead, taking cues from the Novo concept.

          One key is for Kia to differentiate from the Genesis/G80 in making this sportier – of which keeping weight down would be an important factor (so more aluminum components than the Genesis/G80 – maybe an aluminum hood?).

          • Ainnem Agon

            Please Kia dual gearbox this beauty!

  2. Denis Rousseau

    The rear passengers suicide doors was what catching interest in the “concept” but they gone away in the production version…! Deception 🙁

    • Erick

      To be honest, it’s almost never a go for suicide doors. For sure it would add an awesome look to the car tho.

  3. Alex S

    this is pretty HOT. I’m a brand snob, partial to Mercedes and BMW…and truth be told, i’d drive a KIA if it looked close to the concept and undercut the CLS/6-Series Gran Coupe by a sizeable amount (which of course it will).

    I might be the owner of a KIA one day…think i just saw a pig fly past my window…

  4. mas921

    c’K’ so basically its a 4 door that shares lineage with the ‘BK’ right?

  5. J.R.

    Hope it looks as stunning as the concept…

  6. Denis Rousseau

    i prefer the GT4 stinger coupe concept


    With AWD ,i would be interested

  8. bd

    More spy shots (on the net) and the production version of the GT is looking better and better.


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