Hyundai Unveiled The All New 2019 Santa Fe

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Hyundai Motors had a presentation at South Korea presenting the all new Santa Fe 4th Generation.

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Exterior Design

Unique front design and full volume rear design

The larger widescale cascading grille and composite light create a high-tech image, and a sophisticated rear combination lights.

Interior Design

With a trendy lifestyle and a careful space design that takes into account the diverse family members, it creates the optimal interior space for all occupants.

Intuitive interior based on human machine interface (HMI)

The driver and the vehicle interact closely to provide the ideal driving environment. The ergonomically designed seat offers the ultimate in comfort that envelops my body.

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Luxury, generosity and practicality

Depending on the various lifestyles, you can efficiently utilize the space you can afford with a two-row, three-row split-sheet folding.

2-row Smart One-touch walk-in
Pressing the walk-in button at the bottom of the 2nd row seat, the 2-row backrest seat folds forward and helps the 3-row seat passengers to get up and down smoothly.

Three-row Riding Auxiliary Handle
Three-row Seat If the occupant is an elderly person or a child, an auxiliary handle that is concave on the side of the body has been applied to make it safer and more comfortable ride.

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Virtual cluster that changes into various colors depending on drive mode, head-up display of windshield type, sound hound system that provides information on music.

Server-based speech recognition system
Voice recognition allows you to quickly navigate through the navigation screen without complicated process of search results such as simple business name, address, and surrounding gas station.

Smart Power Tailgate
If you stay in the back of the car for 3 seconds with the smart key, you can load and unload the tailgate automatically without any operation even if you can not use both hands automatically.

Voice memo function (navigation / display audio specification)
It is possible to record sudden thoughts while driving. After the operator selects the record button, the important thing is recorded by voice and press the stop button, the recorded file is saved and can be heard again later.

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Surround View Monitor
Four high-definition cameras show the front, rear and side blind spots, allowing the driver to park safely. In particular, our first-ever car wash assist mode and tailgate guidelines add convenience to your life.

Virtual Cluster (7-inch color LCD)

Depending on the setting of the drive mode (Comfort · Smart / ECO / Sport), the color of the instrument cluster changes to add fun to driving.


Improved fuel economy through multi-shaded and optimized shift timing, ensuring durability. In addition, it is possible to perform agile handling based on R-MDPS with excellent steering response.

8-speed automatic transmission (full engine / front trim applied)

Rack-driven electric power steering (R-MDPS)

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Electronic AWD system (HTRAC)

SUV The first HTRAC application has advanced like a premium SUV. By actively distributing front / rear driving force according to the ever changing driving environment, it provides driving pleasure by helping the driver to drive even when driver is not aware.

One step evolution of AWD (All Wheel Drive) system

4-Wheel Drive Coupling
The electronic coupling mechanism mounted between the front and rear drive axles is an electronically controlled drive force distribution system that actively distributes and controls the front and rear wheel drive forces based on vehicle driving information.

Control by turning situation
Whether you need to control individual brakes or braking force of a wheel that requires driving force when turning, or when you are turning on an unstable surface, it shows the best safety.

Intelligent control

by driving condition It determines the road condition and the condition of the vehicle according to driving conditions such as oscillation, acceleration, and constant speed, and distributes the optimum driving force to the front and rear wheels.

Control mode by driving mode

It is possible to feel driving pleasure as well as economical driving by changing the distribution of driving force before / after driving mainly in fuel economy driving mode and dynamic driving sensitivity in sport mode.


High Rigidity / High Strength Body

6 Airbag system
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Hyundai SmartSense

By adopting active safety control system condensed with intelligent driving safety technology, it is implemented as SUV of human care technology.

Lane departure prevention / lane departure warning

Front collision avoidance auxiliary / frontal collision warning

Warns the driver if a collision with the preceding vehicle is detected and assists the brake operation when necessary.

Driver’s Warning Warning

If the driver’s fatigue or inattentive driving is detected by a comprehensive analysis of the driver’s driving pattern and the position of the vehicle within the car, the driver will be encouraged to relax with a pop-up message and a warning sound.

High beam assistant

If you turn on the headlamp and turn on the headlamp when there is a vehicle on the opposite side or the front side, it will reduce the inconvenience caused by frequent operation of the headlamp.

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Rear Occupant Alert (World first)

If the driver opens the driver’s door after turning off the engine after checking the presence of a passenger on the back door of the vehicle, the driver will first check the driver’s seat with a cluster warning message and a warning sound. If the driver does not recognize it and unloads from the car and locks the vehicle, the ultrasonic sensor installed inside the vehicle will detect the movement of the room, sound an alarm, operate the emergency light, and text messages will be sent to the BlueLink subscribers.

Safe exit assistance (World first)

When the electronic child lock is released without the driver recognizing the dangerous object approaching from the rear side of the vehicle after stopping, the cluster pop-up message and warning sound are kept in the locked state to prevent the collision due to opening of the back door in advance. When a dangerous object is approaching from the rear side, even if a passenger opens the door, the cluster warning sound will be notified. In addition to the cluster warning sound, the KRELL sound system will also beep through the door speaker in the open direction.

Smart Cruise Control (including Stop & Go)
Maintains the speed set by the driver and the distance to the front car. It controls the speed and distance by automatically restarting when the next car departs within 3 seconds after stopping. If the vehicle leaves after 3 seconds, the message of the vehicle departing from the front will be displayed.

Highway driving assistance
it is a system that assists the driving of the car and the middle of the lane by comprehensively utilizing the distance between the car ahead and the lane information, and the speed limit information using the navigation when driving on the expressway. There is no need to step on the brake or excel in long distance driving or stagnation situation, and it supports steering of the steering wheel.

Rear Crossing Collision Prevention Auxiliary / Rear Crossing Collision Warning
After the car is parked, the rear side radar detects the vehicle approaching from the rear side and warns the driver. Assist the brake operation when necessary to prevent collision and reduce accidents.

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Rear-view display during driving Rear-seat display

When the room mirror visibility is not possible due to passengers or cargo, the rear view of the vehicle is displayed in real time to help recognize the rear situation.

Back Side Collision Prevention Auxiliary / Back Side Collision Warning

The driver is alerted to a vehicle in a blind spot or an approaching vehicle from the rear which can not be confirmed by the outside mirror. In case of lane departure, if the risk of collision with the rear side vehicle is detected, the body control unit assists to prevent collision through fine braking control.


division Gasoline 2.0T Diesel 2.0 Diesel 2.2
Length (mm) 4,770 4,770 4,770
Overall width (mm) 1,890 1,890 1,890
Height (mm) 1,680 (1,705) 1,680 (1,705) 1,680 (1,705)
Distance between axes (mm) 2,765 2,765 2,765
Pre-rotation (mm) 1,638 1,638 1,638
After milling (mm) 1,647 1,647 1,647
Engine type GDi e-VGT e-VGT
Displacement (cc) 1,998 1,995 2,199
Maximum output (PS / rpm) 235 / 6,000 186 / 4,000 202 / 3,800
Maximum torque (kg.m / rpm) 36.0 / 1,450-3,500 41.0 / 1,750-2,750 45.0 / 1,750-2,750
Fuel tank capacity (ℓ) 71 71 71

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