Kia Sportage Facelift Rendered

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2018 kia sportage rendered

Displayed at the 2015 Frankfurt Motor Show, the last generation of South Korean carmaker mid-size SUV, the Kia Sportage, has enjoyed a good level of sales locally and overseas, from US to Europe, but not at the level at the previous generation. [ads id=”9″]

A few weeks ago, we had spotted the 2018 Kia Sportage facelift on the roads of Germany with a high level of camouflage while Kia will try to recover the sales lost in favor of the Tucson. What we can expect for this refreshed SUV? Thanks to Kksstudio, we can imagine how the refreshed SUV will look, an as you can se on the picture featured below, it is very accurate.

The 2019 Kia Sportage is currently on its fourth generation and judging from the units sold in 2016 by 81,066 units and in 2017 by 72824 units these new updates will give a refresh look its needing.

You can expect a new design on the bumper but unfortunately due to the heavy camouflage we cannot see it but something we can tell is the new design on the headlight and fog lights. The fog light no longer has the “ice cube” design, instead Kia is opting for a more subtle one lens and a chrome trim around it and as far as the headlight the “ice cube” design might have gone inside it as a DRL right between. Kia will use the new X-LED firm on the headlights like the ones launched on the Forte & Ceed.

At the back of the Sportage is where things gets more interesting, where you will see a complete new design of a bunch of leds lighting up the taillight but compared to the previous model these just go straight and no longer has the 3 lines curved downwards but just like the previous model the brakes will be connected on the middle section but it’s hidden by the camouflage. As far as the bumper, you will have a new design but again the heavy camouflage is doing its job by covering it.

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Unfortunately we don’t have any close up pictures of the interior but you can probably expect an upgraded interior and infotainment. Some new safety features will be added as well to keep the Sportage. We don’t have information for powertrain on this Facelift Sportage but something that we do know is Kia plans to produce a 48V mild-hybrid system (just like the Kia Ceed), continuing its plan to improve fuel economy and reduce its CO2 print on earth.

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