Hyundai Registered Two New Names, Palisade & Leonis

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Hyundai recently applied two reservation on the United States Patent and Trademark Office during this month according to AutoGuide. The application was filed on April 3rd and is designated for use on “automobiles” including sports cars, vans, trucks, buses, RVs and SUVs.

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We’re really not sure what Hyundai has planned for the Palisade or Leonis names. While “Palisade” is typically a large protective wall or fence, so it seems to be a good fit for a family hauler type big-sized SUV. Looking into the meaning of the word “Leonis” doesn’t provide any answers.

Leonis is frequently used in astronomy and is applied to a number of different stars in the galaxy. These stars are also located in the ‘Leo’ constellation, with Leo being Latin for lion.

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Details on Hyundai’s upcoming big SUV are slim. It will put vehicles like the Ford Explorer and Chevrolet Traverse, and will have three rows of seating with room for up to seven passengers, or perhaps even eight in certain trim levels.

It will also share a platform, and probably a powertrain as well, with the production version of the Kia Telluride which we also have caught testing in South Korea.

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About Leonis, we can analyze the holes in Hyundai’s lineup to get an idea of what the name might be for. The Santa Fe, Tucson and Kona have most of the crossover and SUV bases covered – but there may be room for an extra small crossover that would slot in beneath the Kona – a B-segment SUV inspired by the Carlino Concept.

What do you think? Place your bets!

Written by Jose Antonio Lopez

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