Kia Telluride Interior Pictures

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The past few days we have shown you pictures of the Kia Telluride from the exterior but now we have some interior pictures.

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The past few days we been showing you many pictures of the Kia Telluride exterior, first some low resolution dark picture and then bright high resolution . Kia Motors USA has released these picture of what we havent seen yet, which is the interior pictures.

We can find a wide touchscreen infotaiment system probably the same size as the K900 infotaiment system and down below you can see the A/C air vents. At the bottom you can find the radio buttons and at the end the A/C and heater controls.

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The interior has been wrapped up with a brown leather but we believe this is not standard and its part of customization done for a particular event. This finish is also found at the steering wheel. We also find some wood details down below the infotaiment system that goes across to the passenger side which is also similar to the K900.

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Let us know what you think of the interior of the new Kia Telluride.




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