Discover the 4 Reasons of Genesis GV80 Delay

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After we have seen almost everything about the first Genesis SUV, despite the exterior design without camouflage, today we have exclusive information courtesy of our colleagues at AutoPost, and we are able to explain the reasons why the Genesis GV80 has been delayed several times.

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Here you will find the 4 reasons that explains the continued delays on Genesis first SUV:

Start-up Delay Problem.
It’s a similar problem to Stinger. Pressing the start button should make the start smooth and light. But like an old diesel car, it starts after a long “cool-headed” ride. Hyundai Motor described it as “starting sensibility,” which is a matter of delayed start-up if it is just described in a word.

Ghost door closing problem.
Talk of options will be covered in detail later in other content. It is said that the Ghost Door Closing option is fitted as standard on all GV80 trims. However, it is heard that Hyundai Motor executives ordered this option very urgently. The problem is said to have occurred after putting it in a hurry without sufficient testing. This is similar to the Genesis DH in 2014. At the time, DH also hurriedly applied the Ghost Door Closing option. This has caused an intermittent problem with the power door latch inoperative. At that time, Hyundai did not recall the car and carried out free repairs on its own.

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Exterior paint problem.
In terms of bodywork, the company will also deal in detail with other content later on. The GV80 door is made of aluminum. I’m finally starting to make efforts to make it lighter! However, a paint problem was found in the aluminum door. It said the discovery of paint differences between aluminum and steel plates halted all volume production scheduled for November.

Electronic system problem.
This is the key. There have been many suspicions that there might be a powertrain problem. In response, the official said there is no powertrain problem. Instead, he said, “There are a lot of electronic system problems.” A typical example is battery discharge. The car was parked after the test, according to officials. However, there were some cases in which the power was discharged within a day of the following day.

For your information, the G80 is right that there was a powertrain problem. However, the GV80 did not have any powertrain problems.

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Written by Jose Antonio Lopez

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