Interview with Emilio Herrera, COO of Kia Motors Europe

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Emilio Herrera Interview

What a better way to close the year, with a very interesting interview with Kia Motors Europe Chief Operating Officer and good friend Emilio Herrera. We asked him about the new logo, the Kia K5, the Stinger Facelift and much more! Hit the jump and read the complete interview.

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  • Where would you like to see Kia Motors in Europe by 2025.

Well, I think that by 2025, Kia will be among the top electrified automakers and will continue to surprise consumers with design and new technologies. This is what we are working for and we will do our best to achieve our goals. As we have seen in the past Kia has the power to surprise and is always looking for the best for our customers. 

  • Is it true that Kia will update its logo? Will be applied to all the range of models or just for eco-friendly ones?

Just like many other brands, also Kia has been looking at the possibility of revising the design of its logo. However, it’s still premature to make any announcements about this. Kia has always been exploring various ways to enhance its brand image, but currently, nothing has been decided regarding a renewed image.

  • After the confirmation that Kia UK won’t sell the Optima, is this the end for the sedan in Europe, even for the new K5?

Let´s see, at this time we have currently no plans to launch the new Optima / K5 in Europe.

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  • Will we see latest SUV from Kia, the Seltos, landing in Europe?

The new Kia Seltos has not been developed for Europe. It is a major success in the US, but since we already have very successful Sportage and Sorento SUVs in Europe, we don’t see a need for launching the Seltos here. We are very lucky that we have such a broad, new and complete range of products.

  • What to expect about the Next-gen Sorento?

The Sorento has always been an important car for Kia. The next generation of Sorento will continue to be an extremely important flagship and brand builder for the brand.

  • Recently we have seen the first proofs that confirms Kia is already working on a facelift for the Stinger, what can we expect?

Kia Stinger, just like all of our models, will go through some product enhancement in due course. However, those will not be radical changes, because the design of the Stinger has been successful. The Stinger is a great car.

kia stinger
Kia Stinger Facelift spied inside with a new & larger infotainment

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  • Has it met Sales expectations in Europe?

The Stinger was never meant to sell in very high numbers and the production of the car has been limited. More than anything else, the Stinger has been a brand promoter for Kia, the general opinion about the car has always been very positive.

  • After Hyundai N Performance sub-brand success, will Kia introduce a twist on its “GT” models for the time being?

We have currently no plans to launch sports cars. However, there will obviously be several sporty cars in our line-up. Being a sporty brand doesn’t have to mean that a brand goes for example into racing.

Written by Jose Antonio Lopez

Passionated about Korean cars from Hyundai, Kia & Genesis. Photographer. I love being in nature, hiking. Tech lover.

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