Genesis G80 Design Story: Interior

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G80 is the signature model of Genesis, and it indeed represents the brand identity. We got inspiration from ‘Suspension Bridge’, which has melodic horizontal lines. We combined this design element with a dynamic image of a car passing through a bridge. Kim Pill-Yoon Senior Researcher in Genesis Interior Design Team elaborates on the idea.

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Q. What does exactly the ‘the Beauty of White Space’ mean?

G80, which has been the signature model since before Genesis began its own branding, was reborn with its new design philosophy. Genesis unveiled the all-new G80 filled with the new design theme, ‘the Beauty of White Space’. The interior of GV80 focuses on ‘the Beauty of White Space’, characteristic of the elegant design concept. The concept of luxury in space defines the simple feeling of the cabin, though it is full of high-tech features.

The dashboard, for example, smoothly ‘wraps-around’ the whole cabin, allowing even more comfortable driving. The ‘Wrap-around’ design element is one of the unique characteristics of the G80, which begins from the door trim design. It naturally enhances the driver’s concentration with its rhythmic horizontal lines.

Q. Which design element stands out the most?

Connectivity is the most important design element that we wanted to show as the interior designers. We used multiple visual elements – the slim dashboard and A-pillar, the frameless room mirror all make the cabin have an open feeling. The Wrap-around design elements featured in the door trim armrests and the dashboard also give the cabin a cozy vibe. The armrest, to be specific, beautifully rises up to add more elegant looks.

The soft, wooden texture of the engine start button and the emergency flasher button is another design element that makes the cabin look more elegant.

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Q. The cabin looks quite simple and neat despite the high-tech features.

Simplicity is what we aimed for. And to maximize this element, we minimized the number of buttons in the cabin. This could have caused inconvenience, but we successfully distributed the buttons and switches all over the cabin under thorough User Experience.

Here is one example. When you sit on the driver’s seat and put your arm on the armrest, your fingers would naturally reach the buttons underneath it. The cluster and infotainment monitor help maintain the driver’s attention for safe driving. It is so easy to find the Engine Start button and the emergency flasher button that are above the wood trim. Speaking of the wood trim, its soft texture is another design element that makes the cabin look more elegant.

The Shift-By-Wire(SBW) transmission base with a dial-style shift was carefully crafted using real glass materials.

Q. Which design element looks the boldest?

The Shift-By-Wire(SBW) transmission base with a dial-style shift stands alone in the cabin, like a monument. G-matrix pattern carved on the dial prevents slipping, and real glass materials give it crystal-like looks. The ambient lights augment mood lighting with various colors. Every detail is carefully refined for a luxurious cabin. This element was sophisticatedly crafted for soft dialing.

The horn cover on the steering wheel feels luxurious.

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Q. Tell us about the unique-looking horn cover on the steering wheel.

We took great care to make the steering wheel luxurious and convenient at the same time. We tried to create more than just a horn or an airbag cover. In addition to the conventional buttons on the steering wheel, a scroll-down button was added for better intuition and convenience.

Wrap-Around styling gives the rear seats a more spacious vibe.

Q. Was the G80 also made under consideration that most of the owners of premium sedans sit in the back?

We focused on what the rear seats represent in premium sedans. We designed the cabin so that the rear seat passengers can use all the high-tech features. The individual, touch-screen dual rear monitor is one example. The rear seat passengers may choose whatever channel they want so that each passenger can watch a different show. The Wrap-around style cabin also gives a lounge-like feeling.

Build Your Own Genesis offers various kinds of interior materials.

Q. Tell us more about ‘Build Your Own Genesis’.

Genesis also provides a wide variety of design and luxury options allowing you to build a dream car unlike any other through Build Your Genesis service. Owners may choose different materials, textures, colors to decorate their own cabin. There are also different kinds of leathers and wood garnishes for the dashboard, door trim, and console as well, to make the high-quality interior materials stand out even more.

We designers poured our hearts to make the cabin as sophisticated as possible, from the materials to the methods to process them. The highest level of quality is what we aimed for. We hope you enjoy the all-new G80, from the smallest design element in the cabin.

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Written by Jose Antonio Lopez

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