Hyundai Santa Fe Facelift Unveiled in South Korea

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hyundai santa fe facelift (1)


hyundai santa fe facelift (1)

Hyundai Motor Group has revealed today via digital unboxing “The New Santa Fe” for the South Korean market, that is an updated version of the Santa Fe TM launched two years ago. Despite is a mid-cycle facelift, the new Santa Fe has been overhauled from the chassis, replaced by the new 3rd generation platform that allow one of Hyundai’s best selling SUV to receive a battery of new technologies, as well as a Hybrid variant, and a Plug-in Hybrid variant in the near future.

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The basic price of the new Santa Fe is 32.2 million won, up 49.4 million won from the previous one. The opening tax benefit has been changed to 3.5%, and the rise is even greater with the elimination of the 2.0 diesel trim. We looked at the increased prices and specifications of the new Santa Fe and the existing Santa Fe.

The new Santa Fe top trim has been changed from existing inspiration to calligraphy. The full package price for calligraphy trim is 46.89 million won. The price of the existing Santa Fe Inspiration 2.2D full package is 4462 million won, and it has become cheaper even considering that the location tax benefit has been changed to 3.5%.

The price of the new Santa Fe premium is 32.22 million won. It has risen by 2.2 million won compared to the existing 2.2 diesel. It has been changed from an 8-speed automatic transmission to a wet 8-speed DCT transmission, with LED headlamps, lane maintenance assistance, front vehicle departure notifications, 1-row ventilation seats, electric parking brakes, and an 8-inch display.

The price of The New Santa Fe Premium Choice is KRW 3205 million, up KRW 390,000 from the existing 2.2D Exclusive. The new model is cheaper considering the change in the incentive tax. However, unlike the existing exclusive, smart cruise control, full auto air conditioner, and exterior roof rack specifications have been deleted.

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The price of the prestige to change the portion of Santa Fe is 3,514,000 won. It rose 41 million won compared to the existing 2.2D prestige. Navigation-based smart cruise controls, highway driving assistance, projection LED headlamps, 10.25-inch displays, and melange-knit interiors are added.

The new Santa Fe calligraphy replaces the existing inspiration. The price was 3.986 million won, up 1.64 million won. In addition to the design dedicated to calligraphy, specifications such as a 20-inch wheel, a 12.3-inch digital instrument panel, ambient mood lamp, rain sensor, and head-up display were additionally applied.

Meanwhile, the Santa Fe part change will begin officially on July 1st. The Santa Fe part change was applied with a new platform and powertrain, advanced safety and convenience features, along with a more luxurious and robust design. 2.2 Diesel will be released first, and 2.5 gasoline turbo models will be released in the second half of this year.

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