Hyundai IONIQ 5 Cuts Production Due to Lack of Parts

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Looks like Hyundai is struggling with the production of its first dedicated vehicle, the IONIQ 5. After threat of strike, now a report from Yonhap News said Hyundai decided to reduce its production volume during next month due to the lack of parts.

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According to the industry sources on the 29th, Hyundai Mobis was unable to supply the originally planned quantity as some problems occurred in the facility that produces the drive motor of the All-New IONIQ 5.

Hyundai Motor Company is reported to have reduced its production plan for the Ioniq 5 next month from the original schedule of 10,000 units to 2,600 units.

An official from Hyundai Mobis said, “In the process of stabilizing some facilities in the early stages of mass production, there was a problem that did not meet the originally planned quantity.” This problem could be originated to the lack of semiconductors, a problem that is struggling barely any tech/car company these days.

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As Hyundai Motors suddenly decided to reduce the production of the first IONIQ, partner companies are also confused. An official from a Hyundai partner company said, “Hyundai Motors asked parts makers to secure inventory for more than 10 days in preparation for the mass production of IONIQ 5, and it was unreasonably accumulated due to overtime work.”

As a result, there are growing concerns over whether there is a disruption in the sales of the IONIQ 5 or at least a disruption in the pre-orders and delays for already ordered cars.

The All-New IONIQ 5 sold out 3,000 units of a Launch Edition model in Europe available for reservation during February, and while settled down a new record of 23,760 units on the first day of the pre-contract in South Korea, right now accumulates around 40,000 pre-orders.

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