Hyundai Launched 2021MY Sonata

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2021 Hyundai Sonata

At the end of the year we shared that Sonata sluggish sales was the cause to stop Hyundai Asan plant for 8 days in order to control the stock. Today Hyundai announced that it will launch ‘2021 Sonata Sensuous’, which applies the Sport design for every Sonata as well as simplified the trims.

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The updated 2021 Model Year is characterized by an expanded application of the design of the existing Sonata Sensuous 1.6 Turbo(Sonata Sport) to the regular gasoline 2.0 model. Now the front part is the same shiny black color grille with a geometric shape that looks like a gemstone was carved out of a geometric shape, giving a strong first impression.

In addition, a strong and bold image is emphasized through a wide lower air intake hole and an air curtain considering aerodynamics, and a dynamic design is completed with an air duct placed on the side of the front bumper.

The side and rear parts are exclusively for Sonata Sensuous like the black shiny exterior mirrors or a bumper with a rear diffuser to create a sporty image. Hyundai Motor Company has simplified the trim for each engine of the 2021 Sonata Sensuous into three trims, and improved it so that customers can select the trim more easily.

Previously, depending on the engine type, customers need to choose between up to five trims (▲Smart ▲Premium ▲Premium Family ▲Premium Millennial ▲Inspiration) so now in the 2021 Sonata Sensures has three trims for each engine type (▲Modern ▲Premium Plus ▲ Inspiration) to eliminate the complexity of the selection.

In addition, some options that were included in the removed trims were standardized to reinforce the marketability. In the case of the gasoline 2.0 model modern trim, customer-favorable convenience specifications such as button start & smart key, smart key remote start, smart trunk, rear monitor, and 8-inch display audio system were applied as standard.

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