Kia Launched K8 Hybrid in South Korea

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Kia K8 Hybrid

Today Kia released the K8 Hybrid for the South Korean market, with the addition of the hybrid engine, the K8 will have a total of four engine choices, with 2.5 GDi, 3.5 GDi and 3.5 LPi launched during last month.

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The K8 Hybrid secured the quietness and efficiency of the hybrid by combining a 1.6 Turbo Hybrid engine with a maximum output of 180PS (horsepower) and a maximum torque of 27.0kgf m, a drive motor with a maximum output of 44.2kW ​​and a maximum torque of 264Nm, and a six-speed automatic transmission.

In particular, the 1.6 turbo hybrid engine has improved dynamic driving performance by 13% and 29% compared to the maximum output (159PS) and maximum torque (21.0kgf·m) of the previous K7 2.4 hybrid engine.

In addition, through improvements such as increasing the efficiency of the drive motor and reducing the weight of the car by applying a 12V auxiliary battery integrated high-voltage battery, it achieved a combined fuel efficiency of 18.0km/ℓ (42 MPG – 5.6 l/100km), which is about 11% higher than that of the K7 hybrid (16.2 km/ℓ – 38 MPG – 6,19 l/100km). Based on 17 inch wheels.

Kia added a hybrid personality to the K8 hybrid by adding a 17-inch wheel design for hybrid model, the new hybrid emblem on the rear (HEV), and a hybrid-specific cluster graphics.

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In addition, it is equipped with advanced driver assistance systems such as Highway Driving Assistance 2 (HDA 2), Forward Collision Avoidance Assistance (FCA), Smart Cruise Control (SCC), Navigation-based Smart Cruise Control (NSCC), and Intelligent Speed ​​Limit Assistance (ISLA). It has secured a high level of safety and convenience.

The price for each trim is Noblesse Light 36.98 million won (27,394€ – $32,950), Noblesse 39.29 million won (29,094€ – $35,008), and Signature 42.87 million won (31,829€ – $38,287).

The K8 Hybrid is the second type of low-emission vehicle and can receive benefits such as a 50% reduction in public parking (based on Seoul City) and national airport parking fees, and exemption from congestion tolls in Namsan Tunnel 1 and 3.

A Kia official said, “The K8 Hybrid is a premium hybrid that satisfies high market interests and expectations, and is expected to greatly contribute to the expansion of the semi-large hybrid market.”

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