Hyundai’s Hydrogen HTWO to Enter Motorsports

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Hyundai Motor Group’s hydrogen fuel cell system brand ‘HTWO’ will enter the motor sports market. On the 11th, Hyundai announced that it would provide a hydrogen fuel cell power generation system for the ETCR (Electric Touring Car Racing), which will be launched for the first time this year. 

The biggest feature of ‘ETCR’, a motorsport competition operated only by pure electric vehicles, is that the drivetrain including the engine is removed from the existing TCR vehicle and an electric motor and battery are installed.

Hyundai Motor Group not only participates in ‘ETCR’ as a player, but also plays a role in establishing a charging infrastructure through a hydrogen fuel cell power generation system so that all participating companies can smoothly operate high-performance electric vehicles. 

The mobile fuel cell power generation system to be provided by Hyundai Motor Group is a 160kW-class power generation module, boasting an output equivalent to two of the fuel cell systems applied to the Nexo, a hydrogen electric vehicle. can be filled within. 

Hyundai Motor Group will further advance the electrification system of various products through ‘ETCR’, which will serve as a test bed for high-performance electric vehicles, while also providing a new market for ‘HTWO’ based on stable operation of a hydrogen fuel cell power generation system. The plan is to promote advancement and new business opportunities.  

In the future, ‘HTWO’ plans to expand the application of fuel cell technology verified through the Nexo to future mobility fields such as ships and railways as well as urban air mobility. In particular, the mobile hydrogen fuel cell power generation system supplied to ‘ETCR’ is expected to play a major role in generating emergency power in remote areas where power supply is difficult.

A Hyundai Motor Group official said, “It is very meaningful that the hydrogen fuel cell system will be in charge of the charging infrastructure for high-performance racing vehicles at the ETCR, the first pure electric vehicle racing competition held this year. We will do our best to preoccupy the upcoming hydrogen society by providing a high-level hydrogen fuel cell system.”

Source: Hyundai

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