US-Spec Sportage Caught Undisguised w/ Matte Color

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kia sportage

Kia Corporation revealed a week ago its All-New Sportage and we already have seen a lot of pictures of the new SUV on its KDM-spec, now it’s time to take a look into the US-spec. We found at Bobaedream this matte grey Sportage with the typical orange reflectors.

Updated with US-Spec model pictures.

The 5th generation Sportage will have two flavours, a short wheelbase exclusive for the European market (first time ever) and a long wheelbase model that will be available in South Korea and U.S-market.

Talking about the long wheelbase model (codenamed as NQ5) that you can see in the gallery, there are two different trims. In South Korea Kia uses “Gravity” trim as top of the range/rugged model. This could be called as X-Line in the overseas markets.

Left Sportage Gravity trim (to be X-Line in overseas markets) vs. Right regular Sportage

You will see the differences in this pictures, the front bumper has a different design, the chromed accents are grey/black instead of chromed. Also the side profile looks different after using differen side skirts.

Again Kia Sportage Gravity vs regular Sportage

Checking both press releases, we can see that Kia called Gravity or X-Line depending in the country of the PR document (Gravity for South Korea and X-Line in the Worldwide site).

According to the press release the Gravity/X-Line “features a unique bumper, side sill and curved roof rack. On the inside, customers can choose between a signature sage green or black seating, as well as bold quilting and black metal wood to further bring to life the model’s confident persona.”

What dou you think about this new “military” color?

This time we can also take a look into the Sportage in different colors, but there’s a surprise, a matte color. For the first time Kia decided to include a matte color and choose the new Sportage to premiere it. If memory serves me well, only expensive models inside Hyundai Motor Group uses (Genesis models, Hyundai IONIQ 5 or Kia EV6).

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  1. Jtzist .

    The more I see, the more I like!!!
    I don’t care what anyone things if the front end. People trip me out, always criticizing 10 or 15 years ago Kia always copying. Now all of a sudden they have something original and still complaining..

    And you know what else they complaing about? The price of a used Telluride is too expensive yet years ago criticized Kia for not holding their value. Now when the Telluride is holding its value, it’s a problem. Kia cant win. Damn if it is damn if it isn’t.. I like the new Sportage.

  2. Jtzist .

    I said it before and I’m going to say it again
    “THAT 2022 KIA SPORTAGE IS ONE HELL OF A DESIGN ONE HELL OF A DESIGN INDEED!!!!” KIA hit it out the ballpark with this design!!!! The more I see the more I love. I hope they have a EV option with this. Or those solar panels in the roof. I wont some next generation electric or solar powered of their latest technology in such an aggressive design!!! I dont want this in just 100% combustion. I wont their latested electric in this baby!!! It may be just under 40K but still cheaper than the EV6.

  3. Jtzist .

    If they can put EV technology or GMP platform in this and it is about mid 30k this would be good for the people who doesnt want to pay EV6 Money!!! This is one hell of a design!!!

    I cant wait to see what makes this Sportage tick under the hood. I hope a premium version has the word “Sportage” on the sits. This will be ready for the Ford Escape, the the Honda CRV.and Toyota Rave 4 and the Mazda CX-50.

    I want to see this drag race against the Mazda CX-50.


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