Mobis Develops the World’s 1st Clusterless HUD

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Hyundai Mobis announced today that it has developed the world’s first ‘Clusterless HUD’ that integrates the functions of cluster and HUD (head-up display) in one piece. In the era of full-fledged electric vehicles, the utilization of interior space has become more important, and Hyundai Mobis has preemptively introduced a new concept display technology optimized for autonomous driving and electrification.

The clusterless HUD developed by Hyundai Mobis is a next-generation driver’s seat that minimizes driver distraction by distributing various driving information displayed on the cluster to the HUD (Head Up Display) in front of the driver and AVNT (Audio Video/Navigation/Telecommunication). it is technology

This new HUD is characterized by raising essential driving information such as speed and RPM to the driver’s eye level. Clusterless HUD consists of four display areas, three at the top and one at the bottom. The upper part shows speed, RPM, ADAS-related information, and navigation information. At the bottom, you can see basic vehicle information such as shift mode, coolant temperature, and driving range. It can also display turn signals and system information warning lights.

This sytem is equivalent to a 15 inch screen, significantly expanding the information display area compared to existing products. It is also characterized by securing mass production by developing a new manufacturing method and optical deposition specification for a combiner mirror that implements the HUD function through the optical glass mounted on the dashboard. In addition, the frame fixed to the vehicle was designed to be inclined toward the driver to secure the driver’s visibility.

If the clusterless HUD is mounted, the internal space utilization will be increased. Currently, global automakers are focusing on securing interior space, such as expanding the interior space by applying a platform dedicated to electric vehicles. It is also expected to help increase mileage due to weight reduction.

Hyundai Mobis has completed patent registration for clusterless HUD in major countries around the world, including the US, China, and Germany, as well as in Korea. As such, Hyundai Mobis plans to win global orders through active promotions for domestic and foreign auto brands while preempting new technologies for future cockpits.

Young-hoon Han, Head of Information Display Sector at Hyundai Mobis, said, “When the cluster and HUD are combined, it is expected to play a big role in safe driving by helping to secure space as well as the driver’s forward vision through unification of driving information.” .

Source: Hyundai

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