Kia Launched 4-seater Luxury Carnival Limousine

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Kia launched the 4th generation Carnival Limousine 4-seater model, a new luxury and specific version of the All-New Carnival, today for the South Korean market.

The four-seater model is characterized by optimizing the ride quality with a tuned suspension dedicated to the high limousine based on the spacious space and various convenience specifications of the carnival high limousine, and maximizing the sense of luxury by adding differentiated specifications and functions for second-row passengers.

Kia operates the four-seater model with a single SmartStream 3.5 gasoline engine that combines dynamism and quietness. Here, the stiffness of the suspension spring and the damping force of the shock absorber are optimized to provide a differentiated ride quality.

The new convenience features applied to the 4-seater model include: ▲Rear seat limousine seat ▲7-inch touch-type integrated controller ▲Rear seat cold/hot cup holder ▲Rear seat smartphone wireless charging system ▲Rear seat exclusive table ▲Foot massager ▲Cool/Hot storage unit ▲Rear seat storage box, etc. to be.

Kia applied top-quality seat foam and three-dimensional quilted nappa leather to the rear limousine seat. In addition, the ‘Premium Relaxation Seat’ function that helps distribute the load on the hips and back and helps to relax comfortably and the rear seat console that can be used independently on the left and right are equipped with a dedicated table for the left and right seats, providing passengers with the same comfort as in the first class of an aircraft.

Passengers can operate the seat with a 7-inch touch-type integrated controller located between the rear seats or a smartphone application.

In addition to the seat, rear seat lighting and air conditioning, a 21.5-inch smart monitor, and a foot massager located at the bottom of the front left of the second row can be easily controlled from the integrated controller.

The foot massager applied to the 4-seater model for the first time in Kia was developed in collaboration with Hu-Tech, a healthcare company, and along with the rear limousine seat, provides a comfortable resting experience for passengers who are tired of long-distance travel.

In addition, a cold/hot cabinet that can store beverages of various sizes and a rear seat storage box that can store various items such as shoes help to move comfortably and comfortably.

The rear seat side armrest has a ‘rear seat cold/hot cup holder’ that keeps drinks cold or warm for a certain period of time, and a ‘rear seat smartphone wireless charging system’ that allows you to conveniently charge your smartphone without a separate cable connection. .

In the luggage space, the ‘LED hanger’ with LED lighting and the ‘luggage box’ at the bottom enhance the convenience of storage.

Meanwhile, Kia also released the model year change of the 4th generation carnival ‘The 2022 Carnival’.

The 2022 Carnival applied the new Kia emblem and added ▲Remote Smart Parking Assist ▲Rear Parking Collision Prevention Assist ▲Remote 360-degree View ▲Rain Sensor ▲HVAC After Blow to increase convenience.

In addition, reflecting the high interest of customers in the recent car park (accommodation using a car), the 7-seater Noblesse is operating a new ‘outdoor’ trim.

For the outdoor trim, manual seats were applied instead of premium relaxation seats in the second row, and the front sliding length of the second row seats was increased. Through this, an additional space behind the second row can be secured for two adults of 180cm in height to lie down, and it can be used for vehicle parking, etc.

In addition, Kia also sells supplies that can be used for camping and car parks, such as tents, multi-curtains, and air mats, which will further enhance the space utilization of the carnival at the Kia Members Car & Life Mall. (※ For details, refer to the website

A Kia official said, “The carnival high limousine 4-seater model is a vehicle that perfectly meets the demands and expectations of the highest-end limousine in Korea, and will elevate the image of Carnival to the next level. We expect it to be the best choice for companies that want a vehicle.” “The 2022 Carnival, which actively reflects customer opinions, will provide greater satisfaction to customers with product quality that is befitting of a premium Korean minivan.”

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