Genesis G80 Sport Specs Released

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genesis g80 sport

As we have advanced yesterday, Genesis was about to release full specs of the G80 Sport soon, and today they did it. The G80 Sport is a sport package but carryover the same powertrain without changes.

The G80 sports package can be selected with existing engines such as gasoline 2.5 turbo, gasoline 3.5 turbo, and diesel 2.2, same as regular G80, and in the case of the 3.5 turbo, a new ‘Dynamic Package’ with new performance specifications can be selected separately. 

The G80 sports package is characterized by maximizing sportiness by applying more dynamic interior and exterior elements in the balance of ‘Athletic Elegance’, the design identity of Genesis. 

Genesis applied dark glossy chrome to front bumper, radiator grille, side sill molding, rear bumper to realize the strong presence of the G80 sports package. 

In addition, 19-inch diamond-cutting wheel/20-inch dark sputtering wheel for sports package, Black bezel headlamp and Diffuser tailored to the new bumper design emphasized dynamism.

In addition, the exclusive exterior color ‘Cavendish Red’ is added to show the dynamic sensibility of the G80 sports package. Cavendish is the name of a holiday resort on the northern coast of Prince Edward Island, Canada, and its color was inspired by the red cliffs located there.

Inside, the G80 sports package-exclusive 3-spoke steering wheel, a hybrid weaving/real carbon garnish and metal pedals were newly applied. In addition, the exclusive interior color, Obsidian Black/Sevilla Red, which can only be selected in the G80 Sports Package.

At the same time as the launch of the G80 sports package, Genesis is running a new ‘Dynamic Package’ for 3.5 turbo so the drivers can feel the differentiated driving sensibility of the sports sedan as well as the design.

The dynamic package for the 3.5 turbo is composed of rear wheel steering system, sport+ mode, summer tire and active road noise control.

The Rear Wheel Steering (RWS), which was applied for the first time under the Genesis brand, is a technology that actively controls the optimum rear wheel steering angle along with the front wheel steering according to the driving situation of the vehicle. 

When driving at a low speed of 60 km/h or less, the rear wheel is moved in the opposite direction to the front wheel to reduce the turning radius, thereby improving convenience and agility in U-turns, narrow alley driving, and parking. When the rear wheel steering system is applied, the minimum turning radius is reduced to the Sonata level, providing convenient U-turn and improved turning performance. 

When driving at high speed, it steers in the same direction as the front wheel to suppress lateral slippage of the vehicle and improves turning stability and lane followability in fast lane changes, high-speed turns, and emergency avoidance situations. 

By adding the Sport+ (plus) mode that doubles the enjoyment of dynamic driving, the initial start performance and shift response are improved, while the summer tires shorten the braking distance and secure sporty handling. 

※ 0->100kph 4.9 seconds achieved when launch control is applied (reduced compared to 5.1 seconds of the 3.5 turbo base model) 

Source: Genesis

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    Wow, this is a let down Genny 🙁

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    This is horrible from a powertrain standpoint. Pointless


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